Weekend Wisdom

Fran Griffith Laserson ’66

“Ask for the job.”
“We often hear how confidence can be the single most important factor towards career success. Our natural tendency is to think that our good work will “speak for itself.” Many times your work will be noticed by others, but more often than not, you must advocate for yourself.

“Ask for the job. Fifteen years ago I was in a meeting with the CEO of Moody’s Corporation and other managers. The board of directors of our newly independent public company instructed the CEO to start a corporate philanthropy program. “Who could we get to do that?” he asked. Out of my mouth came a confident, “I can do that job.” Several months later, after I had learned about corporate philanthropy and developed a strategic plan for The Moody’s Foundation, I was elected president of the board of directors. I had provided a solution to a problem on the CEO’s plate and created a tremendous opportunity for myself by raising my hand.

“What I take away most from my time at Kent Place was that every leadership position was filled by a young woman. Having aspirations and ambition was encouraged and welcomed. Being educated in an environment that gave me comfort, reassurance, and confidence in aiming for the stars has been a lifelong gift.”

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Weekend Wisdom

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