Weekend Wisdom

Olivia Wolff ’12 and Lauren Miller ’13

"Dare to Be Different, But Do Your Research."
“We started brewing our own kombucha, a fizzy, fermented tea packed with probiotics, out of a love for the product and a desire to save money. When word got out and interest spread on our campus, we decided to start UpDog Kombucha, our own microbrewery, in January 2016. We began by making the product in our dorm room and taking orders through social media, which eventually lead to us moving into a commercial kitchen space and having a profitable company in the first year of business. We are constantly trying to find new ways to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Some of our ideas seem crazy at first, but they only seem crazy because no one else has done them yet. For example, we have transitioned from primarily making bottles of kombucha to selling our product through kegs at yoga studios and wellness businesses, an idea that has taken hold and helped us grow. Take risks and dare to be different, but do your research and understand your market before making a decision.

“As young women in business, we have been challenged to be strong leaders in an entrepreneurial world dominated by men. Kent Place lit a fire within both of us, as we recognized that our learning does not stop in the classroom. We use the leadership skills we learned at Kent Place, both in the classroom and through our involvement with a wide range of athletics and extracurricular activities, and apply them to our lives as entrepreneurs. We strive to pave the way for a younger generation of women in business.”

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Weekend Wisdom

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