Weekend Wisdom

April Bauknight ’95

“Draw strength from your KPS foundation and the traditions that connect you to generations of dynamic women.”
“Kent Place is steeped in tradition, from the Daisy Chain and STAR to the college sweatshirt photo and Step Sing. There is such pride and strength that comes from knowing you share these long-held and deeply valued traditions with generations of dynamic women.

“While at KPS, I was highly involved with Judiciary, the governing body of the school. Not surprisingly, I decided to become an attorney. But after a while, I became disenchanted with my legal experiences and decided that it wasn’t the right fit for me. I tried a few different jobs and completely gave up practicing law for a several years. I explored a variety of consulting opportunities and began my certifications to become a teacher. Yet, something kept pulling me back to law.

“I began to re-assess myself and my career, and once again, had to start from the ground up. However, the fundamental building blocks of education, curiosity, and determination established at KPS remained. I frequently reminded myself that as a graduate of Kent Place, I could do anything.

“While evaluating, I had a strong desire to incorporate my public policy degree in my next position. After self-reflection, networking, and creativity, my determination and resolve grew more fervently than ever. I now serve as Assistant County Counsel for the County of Union, a position that is the ideal mix of using both my legal and public policy skills to execute laws and solve complex legal- and policy-related matters. The position requires my thirst for curiosity and my quest for knowledge to be used daily. It is refreshing to be rewarded and appreciated doing things that come so naturally as a result of my training.

“What I learned is that no matter where you find yourself, you can do it. You can change careers. You can rebuild from scratch. You can accomplish that seemingly insurmountable task. Why? Because you graduated from Kent Place School. You are connected to a group of fearless, educated, curious and determined leaders, and in the time-honored tradition of KPS, your strength will always rise up when you need it most.”

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Weekend Wisdom

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