Weekend Wisdom

Lauren Zajac ’07

“Work hard and trust yourself to know when to give yourself a break."
“Doing scientific research and earning a Ph.D. is extremely hard work. You have to learn how to be independent, manage your time, direct your research and trust yourself. I gained a strong foundation in these skills at Kent Place. The educators truly believe in the students and value their ideas and questions. Beyond this, they emphasize the value of working hard, and equally as important, knowing when to give yourself a break. This is crucial to surviving a career in science. I'm solely responsible for managing how I allocate my time spent on coursework, teaching and multiple research projects on a daily basis and will be throughout the rest of my Ph.D. Without knowing when to walk away, it's easy to burn out.

“I also benefited from the community fostered at Kent Place. My peers and I celebrated and encouraged one another (and continue to do so). I'm proud to be part of such a strong, impressive and intelligent group of women, and I draw a lot of motivation from that. The community at Kent Place and what I learned there have significantly contributed to my confidence in my ability to work towards becoming an independent neuroscientist.”

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Weekend Wisdom

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