Weekend Wisdom

Judy Joo ’93

"Failure is an integral part of success, so learn to embrace it."
“I changed careers and entered the world of cooking “late,” and everyone discouraged me from doing so. But, I believed that I could do anything that I set my mind to, even in a totally different industry. I worked my way into coveted internships. I showed up early and stayed late. No job was too menial. And, to break into the media world, I went on thousands of casting calls, meetings, pitches, etc. I was rejected a hundred times before the Food Network said that they wanted a Korean cooking show.

Korean Food Made Simple is now in its third season and is played worldwide from Australia, the UK, all of Asia and the Americas. I am a regular face on the Food Network and do national television appearances regularly. I have published books, write frequently for magazines and own three restaurants around the world.

“At Kent Place, I held many leadership positions and learned public speaking skills that played an integral role in these achievements. I particularly remember my experiences with Model UN and Junior States of America. Learning how to organize my thoughts, present a compelling argument, persuade and debate are skills that continue to be invaluable in my career as chef and TV host.

“I achieved all of this in six years, and it took a lot of work. So many people said I would never do it, and I have more rejection stories than ones of success. Failure is an integral part success, so learn to embrace it.”

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Weekend Wisdom

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