Weekend Wisdom

Lisa Core ’94

“Where you are right now is just as important as where you’ll be.”  
“I was pleased to be asked to impart some words of wisdom, then panic set in. I don’t have it all figured out; I’m a work in progress.  

“My Kent Place classmates are successful artists, teachers, bankers, mothers, designers, doctors, entrepreneurs, actors, and bakers and I’m an attorney. We’ve all contributed to our world in ways we never thought possible when we graduated.

“This year, I’ll be celebrating my 20th college reunion and my law school’s 15th. These returns to campus naturally lead to reflection: Have I used my time well?

“Kent Place gave me the confidence to trust the path I chose. But to be honest, there are parts of my journey that are a blur — as if I didn’t create memories of them. If I don’t remember something, did it really happen?

“Too often we’re looking to what’s next instead of appreciating where we are. Countless graduates have been gifted Dr. Seuss’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go. We’ve all been asked ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’ My two cents: Where you are right now is just as important as where you’ll be.  

“I can recall Kent Place in vivid detail: from wiping down the red and blue snack tables in Kindergarten to sneaking away to get wristbands for concert tickets at Scottie’s as a senior. I was so present when every day wasn’t about what’s next.

“Now, after making 42 trips around the sun, I’ve challenged myself to be present in the moments of each day, whether they’re blissful or stressful or just plain awful. It’s a real challenge. But I grow, and I remember. And every so often, slowing down to take a breath leads to a moment that takes my breath away.”

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Weekend Wisdom

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