Weekend Wisdom

Ai Mukai ’95

“Exude confidence and take pride in your education.”
“As a physician treating spine and musculoskeletal issues, I see people who are distraught, scared, uncomfortable, and in pain. I’m very conscious of how I project myself to patients and their families and how I communicate. I want to be comforting, confident, and clear.

“I came to this country from Japan as a shy 12-year-old and my KPS teachers taught me to speak up, to understand the power of body language, and to write in an assertive, clear manner using proper grammar. I’m confident in my use of semicolons thanks to Dr. Jane Cole. I can quote studies and data to make a point thanks to Mrs. Gail Jacobus.

“My gender is not apparent from my name; I’m often mistaken for a male based on how I write. I think that’s because my writing conveys confidence and assertiveness, traits perhaps not so common in women. I make my point and have no need to be apologetic. I ask for what I want and advocate for my needs as well as my patients’. I’m comfortable navigating complex discussions and negotiations, thanks in part to my Kent Place education.  

“I am now a mother to two girls, and my husband and I have made the decision to send them to private school, in part due to my experiences at Kent Place and Barnard College. My life hasn’t been perfect and my time at KPS wasn’t always easy; however, more than 20 years later, I appreciate the strong foundation laid during those formative years, and it gives me a sense of pride to see the accomplishments of my fellow KPS alumnae.”

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Weekend Wisdom

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