Weekend Wisdom

Maribeth Carroll ’91

“Appreciate the diversity of your network, take chances, and gain inspiration from the women around you.
“In addition to the tremendous education, it’s the subtle impact of having spent four years with incredible women that I’m most grateful for today. Though I didn’t recognize it fully then, their varied backgrounds and talents created in me a curiosity over time about different ways of thinking and tackling problems, and a desire to help those who didn’t have the privileges we had.

“By age 30 I became less satisfied with the traditional life I was living, having married young and being a bit self-indulgent. I craved different experiences. At 36, I left my HR job in financial services and spent three years working as the global head of HR for an innovative nonprofit organization tackling issues of poverty in the developing world. I never would have followed this dream if it weren’t for the example and support of my dear friend Sally Lewis Meisner, who was the Citizenship Cup recipient at our graduation. Years later, when I was single again and realized it was getting late to start a family, I was encouraged by two women in my class — one who became a single mom in her 30s and another who was having her third child in her 40s. I now have the miracle of an 18-month-old son.

“These are just a few ways I’ve been inspired by the brave and brilliant women who were my classmates: women who are chasing their dreams, defining success for themselves, taking on the world as activists, raising children, and leading full lives. Take advantage of the amazing network of women around you — they’ll be more important to you in the future than you can imagine!”

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Weekend Wisdom

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