Weekend Wisdom

Adjoa Boateng ’03

“Hone your voice, it’s a gift.
“Being articulate, particularly having the ability to convey and interpret information clearly, informatively, and in an engaging manner, has been a gift for which I am deeply grateful. As a young woman, this gift was fostered and cultivated during my time at Kent Place through courses such as etymologies and AP English (which have made me a lover of linguistics!), as well as participation in clubs, performances, the arts, and even while running track. To this day, I praise how well prepared I felt to tackle an Ivy League curriculum after graduating from KPS.

“As a physician and certainly as an anesthesiologist, each day I encounter patients and their families, nurses, and physician colleagues who rely on my ability to communicate information, many times in very critical situations. In the era of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and texting as primary vehicles of communication, the art of clear oral speech is almost lost. It’s inspiring, however, to see that Kent Place continues to build this skill within our beautiful young women.

“The photo captures a post-talk interview in Accra, Ghana, which was taken after I delivered a TED Talk to a global audience. If someone had told the teenage version of Adjoa, legs crossed at KPS morning meeting, that in 15 years she would stand on a world stage, she’d never have believed it. But I give credit to the many forces along my trajectory, for which Kent Place built a lasting foundation.”

To view Adjoa’s Ted Talk, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucbmYuoHrew.

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Weekend Wisdom

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