Weekend Wisdom

Meredith Esquivel ’12

“Be curious.”
“I’ve only been out of college for one year so I can’t (and won’t) pretend to know everything, and that’s really my best advice. It’s ok not to know everything, and it’s even better to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to be curious. Build relationships with your managers at internships and learn about their jobs. Reach out to people from your college and talk to them about your plans for the future. Stay in contact with other KPS alumnae and inquire about their experiences. Even if these people have career or life aspirations that don’t align with yours, you can still learn from them. Before going to college, my sister Christina ’05 connected me with a University of Chicago alum so I could find out as much as possible about the school. When looking for jobs, I talked to at least five people about different marketing careers. In the end, you have to decide what the best choice is for you, but the more questions you ask, the sooner you'll discover what you are looking for, and the easier it will be for you to find it.”

Photo: Meredith ’12 (left) with sister, Christina ’05

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Weekend Wisdom

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