Weekend Wisdom

Annie Levy ’97

“Whatever you’re into, realize that it’s bigger than you think it is.”
“My decision to attend Kent Place for high school became solidified the second I stepped into the Hyde & Watson Theatre. Studying the performing arts had never been part of my regular school day, and now I would be able to take theatre classes alongside the rest of my academic classes. What I didn’t realize at the time was that by becoming part of my course of study, my relationship with theatre would change (dare I say) dramatically. Under the tutelage of Mr. Pridham, I was challenged to question how theatre had survived as an art form (not just a vehicle for my attention-seeking teenage self), what that meant about its intangible value, and how it was so much bigger than just performing. I learned that my passion for theatre would benefit from a foundation of, well, everything that had come before me. Realizing this shifted and strengthened who I am and how I work.

“Today, I am a theatre maker – where I get to make the art I love – and a professor of theatre – where I get to share what it means to continue the legacy of the medium. I also research how theatre both encompasses and is used in other fields, in some pretty surprising ways. My time at KPS taught me to see the full breadth and scope of something I knew I was passionate about and this helps me continue to navigate my place within the field.” 

Photo credit: Jessica Osber

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Weekend Wisdom

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