Weekend Wisdom

Barbara (Bobo) Mangan DeLaney ’78

“Showing up matters.”
“I attended Kent Place from second grade through 12th grade, and there’s no doubt that’s where I established my sense of commitment, responsibility, and reliability (and received an incredible academic education). We were held accountable both in the classroom and on the field. This is what became ingrained in my character: Showing up, getting things done, working hard, being loyal, and getting along with others — all are what make people successful and happy. Whether I was competing on a team, collaborating on a project, or participating in a school event, there was a sense of not wanting to let people down and being committed, even if it wasn’t my favorite activity. I acquired confidence and high self-esteem, and learned that at the end of the day, showing up matters!

“Of equal importance are the relationships I formed. Because it’s a small school, you get to know your teachers, classmates, and teammates well, and you learn to be present and active. We all know the honor code, and that instills a strong sense of pride in the school. I’ve had a very rewarding career, achieved many athletic goals, and raised a family, and still have amazing friends from my Kent Place days.

“I attribute much of who I am — and my accomplishments — to my years at KPS, where I learned lifelong skills and developed so many of my values. I continue to show up every day, on the courts, with my family, and in my social life, and try to spread the message of discipline, honor, and loyalty.”

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Weekend Wisdom

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