Weekend Wisdom

Lizzy Miggins ’11

“Push the boundaries of your comfort zone.”
“Kent Place taught me to how to feel comfortable while being uncomfortable. In the Middle School, I began to learn about being outside of my comfort zone, a concept that was brand new to me. My classmates and I were constantly encouraged to take different classes, join new clubs, and try any new experience.

“During my junior year of college, I realized it wasn’t a perfect fit and decided to try for my dream school. Although I was nervous to start from scratch, both academically and socially, I knew I’d regret not pushing outside of my comfort zone, so I transferred to Notre Dame. Once there, I found a great group of friends and graduated magna cum laude.

“Similarly, I didn’t love my first career. I knew the company wasn’t right for me, but I was concerned with how it would look to leave a job after a year and nervous about not finding the right one. With the support of family and friends, however, I decided to take a leap of faith and begin looking.

“This March, I started a job at Bloomberg, and I couldn’t be happier. Even though I don’t have a background in finance, I felt confident in my ability to acquire new knowledge because Kent Place prepared me to learn.

“Without Kent Place, I never would’ve pursued those opportunities. Because of Kent Place, I don’t shy away from following my passions, even when I feel fear. I encourage all fellow Dragons to move out of their comfort zone to see what they can achieve.”

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Weekend Wisdom

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