Weekend Wisdom

Cherie Alcoff ’93

“Establish a set of principles and live by them.”
“I have many roles — mother, sister, daughter, friend, businesswoman, and advocate for change – and I credit KPS for the principles I developed that guide me in these roles. Over the past 25 years, I’ve consistently returned to these five core values to drive my decision making, and I wrote them down for my son in 2014, when he was born. Copies of our ‘family principles’ are all over the house to help develop Gregory’s moral compass. They are written on a chalkboard in his hallway, a copy is tucked into his backpack, and we take the time to read and talk about what the principles mean to us.

“I’m most passionate about being a mom, but I’m also gratified by my career. I began as an analyst in the investment banking training program at Goldman Sachs. I was there seven years, and during that time, the firm went public and the culture changed significantly. Recognizing the need to evolve in my career, and drawing on the principles of optimism and perseverance, I looked for a professional environment that aligned with my values. I left GS to join the alternative investment world as an institutional fundraiser. I’ve been at Avenue Capital for 13 years, and am very grateful to work for a woman who is among the rare group of female asset management owners. She’s dynamic, thoughtful, and strong. And her partner (and brother) is a passionate advocate for women.

“Gratitude also pervades my personal life. I’m most thankful for my almost-5-year-old son and the opportunity we have to spend time with our extended family. I’m thankful to be able to help others by being involved with organizations such as Sesame Workshop and the Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation, which helps children affected by domestic violence. And I cherish my KPS education and the women I’m blessed to call my dearest friends 25 years after we graduated.”

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Weekend Wisdom

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