Weekend Wisdom

Danielle Auriemma ’06

“Find a workplace that’s a community you want to be part of and has a mission you can get behind.”
“I was a lifer at Kent Place, having attended since Kindergarten. Through the traditions (Step Sing, Daisy Chain, Stokes Retreat), small classes, and committed faculty, I recognized at a young age the importance and value of being part of a strong community with a clear focus.

“This is something I’ve kept with me. When it came time to decide what college to attend, my decision came down not to the best school I’d gotten into but instead to the one I believed would offer a community and guiding principles I aligned with.

“As a professional fundraiser for institutions of higher education, I’m constantly confronted with choices about communities and missions, and I take them very seriously when evaluating a career move. In summer 2017, when I was going through a job search, I gave serious consideration to school and student culture, traditions, purpose, and vision before accepting a position. In order to be a successful fundraiser and work closely with passionate alumni, I have to know the school better than they do and love it just as much as they do. Making a choice to accept a job is not just about the job itself; for me, it’s also a willingness to embrace and immerse myself in a new community and embody and proliferate its vision and mission.

“These lessons have steered me to jobs at several amazing institutions, enabled me to raise significant funds to support fantastic programs and people, provided environments in which I felt I belonged, and led me to make strong professional and personal connections.”

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Weekend Wisdom

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