Weekend Wisdom

Kate Kendall Green ’05

“If it’s uncomfortable, it’s working.”
“Growing up, my mom always challenged me to get out of my comfort zone: introduce myself to people I didn’t know, try out for a sports team I thought I might not make, take a class I thought was too advanced for me. Sometimes I did, but always unwillingly, because my comfort zone was, well, comfortable.

“At Kent Place, the approach was more subtle, but the theme was the same. We were always encouraged to try something new, support each other no matter the grade or the friend group, and hold ourselves to our highest standard. At times it was really uncomfortable, and at other times it was really, really uncomfortable. Coursework was demanding, and establishing the foundation for the woman you want to be, the one who lights the way with wisdom, was a complicated and confusing road.

“But looking back, I know the moments right after those uncomfortable ones were not only the most rewarding, but also had the most impact on my journey to my present self. The feeling of relief/elation/pride I experienced when I finally aced a test on material I initially didn’t get but had studied for days — and that included meeting with the teacher what seemed like 20 times — was very much like the feeling I get now when I solve a big, complex problem at work that no one else wanted to touch. I know the projects that feel the most out of my league are the most important to take on, because if it’s not a little-to-medium uncomfortable, I’m not learning anything, I’m not pushing myself, and I’m not growing or moving forward. So when I feel uncomfortable, I know it’s working. And my 16-year-old self would be so proud.”

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Weekend Wisdom

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