Weekend Wisdom

Kaitlin Love ’04

“Have high expectations — of yourself and of others.”
“One thing Kent Place taught me was to have high expectations not only for myself but also for others. When I think back on my experience there, I recall how hard I pushed myself: as many APs as I could, as many sports as I could, and as many extracurriculars after that. I expected the best from myself and everyone around me did the same. This may not seem unique, but when you think about a community of young women helping one another, pushing one another, and never doubting for a second that they were capable of achieving whatever they set their mind to, I think it’s quite rare.

“That type of confidence isn’t something easily learned, especially for young girls. It has to be drilled into you day in and day out until you believe you’re capable of anything and, because of that, that you should expect the most from yourself. It was this reckless confidence that inspired me to spend most of my time at Kent Place planning for my presidency (hats off to my chief of staff, Meghan Newcomb ’04), and although that hasn’t happened yet, I’ve built a great career in international development.

“As a director of the International Social Research team at Ipsos, I work with colleagues all over the world to conduct research for the United Nations, the Gates Foundation, the World Bank, USAID, Vital Voices, and other organizations. A lot of what we do centers on a personal passion — women’s empowerment. This passion was born out of leaving Kent Place and seeing that not all young women had the good fortune to grow up in such an empowering community, though I definitely didn’t realize it at the time.

“Through my job, I see how women in communities all over the world, among them our own, are still held back by archaic social norms and traditional gender roles. This is why my team recently developed a framework for measuring empowerment: so we can help more women believe that they can achieve anything and hold themselves and the community around them accountable to that expectation.”

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Weekend Wisdom

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