Weekend Wisdom

Ruby Henry ’99

“Don’t be afraid to jump.”
“Recently, I went skydiving. 10,000 feet in the air with the airplane door open, the wind pushing me back, I sat at the edge terrified, and thought: ‘I can’t just stay here, so I might as well jump . . .’

“I had a similar thought four years ago when I left academia. I took a personal finance course, then started a software company. I learned matrix algebra at Kent Place, and that early exposure helps me code arrays with ease today.

“I’ve continued to learn:

  1. Build a savings account, then let go of the wrong job or client. Business opportunities find me when I’m on time, have a good attitude, and perform well.
  2. I can mimic discipline, and I’ll get the same results as will a ‘naturally’ disciplined person.
  3. Surround myself with people who think well of me: that’s been my local church.
  4. Being dependable makes me unique. 
  5. When I don’t know, I learn, quickly.
  6. Others will get used to my current role. 
  7. Be gracious. People are my most rewarding investments.
  8. Ask: What will this choice have cost me in 30 years?

“As an entrepreneur, my goal is most often beyond the horizon line I see. Each step, however, moves back the line until what I want is in front of it.
“I didn’t expect to feel such peace and awe when I jumped out of the plane. Now, I wonder what awaits on the other side of my next terrifying moment — I don’t want to miss it.”

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Weekend Wisdom

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