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Why a Girls' School?

Kent Place Empowers Girls

With a deep understanding of how girls learn and succeed, Kent Place provides the resources that allow each girl to reach her full potential. In this environment, girls can be themselves. They gain the self-awareness to express themselves without hesitation, the courage to take on new challenges, and the confidence that leads to success. That's the advantage of an all-girls private school.

ENHANCED academic & STEM Self-Confidence
DEEPer Academic Skills & Engagement
Higher Aspirations
Greater Cultural Competency
Stronger Community Orientation
Increased Political Engagement

At Kent Place, every decision we make and every program that our faculty and students design is based on what girls need to thrive today and into the future. As a result, our students show us every day how much power and opportunity exists in limitless possibilities. Dr. Jennifer C. Galambos, Head of School


Studies conducted by the International Coalition of Girls' Schools and other organizations have indicated that schools for girls create an environment in which attendees excel compared to their peers at coed schools. Research also suggests that girls schools excel at building community.

Resonating with our recent graduates and decades of graduates who came before them is their belief that their success in our challenging academic program was directly connected to the supportive and engaging nature of the Kent Place community. This community bolstered their capacity to grow academically, socially, and emotionally.

When we consider the power of the Kent Place community for girls today, we are even more convinced that it develops their leadership and empowers them to advance the world. How, exactly?

  • Connection with teachers becomes the habit of confidently participating in a professional learning community, producing scholars who critically assess context and data, anticipating what's around the next bend.
  • Sisterhood becomes the habit of mentorship, yielding leaders who seek to elevate others as they rise.
  • Cultural Competence becomes an empathic habit of mind that invites a diversity of perspectives and experiences, thus increasing the potential for true collaboration, effectiveness, and impact for the greater good.
  • Tradition becomes a commitment to celebrate the strength and joy of community itself.
  • Being seen and being heard becomes the habit of self-confidence, which bolsters mental health and activates originality of thought, agency, and advocacy for causes about which the individual is passionate.

We are a founding member of the International Coalition of Girls' Schools.

We have partnered with One Schoolhouse since 2010.

Kent Place is ranked #1 in Best All-Girls High Schools in New Jersey