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Student Advisory Program

The Advisory Program is the hallmark of a Kent Place School education.

This dynamic program reflects the student’s developmental milestones, diversity of learning styles, school resources, and mission statement. At Kent Place, we believe so strongly in the benefits of our advisory program that it is built into the school schedule.

Confidantes, friends, peer counselors, and supports: Advisories — indeed, the entire Advisory Program — epitomizes Kent Place sisterhood.

The Advisor

Advisors play an integral role in supporting the academic, social, and emotional needs of their students, assisting in planning academic profiles and encouraging students to become flourishing members of the community through participation in clubs, activities, and leadership opportunities.


Primary School

When students enter Primary School, they benefit from small-group and one-on-one interactions with experienced teachers, specialists, and the support team.

Middle School

Every student in the Middle School has a faculty advisor and is assigned to a grade-level advisory group. These groups consist of 7 to 10 students who meet regularly with their advisor. During these daily meetings, the advisory group discusses pertinent grade-level topics, social concerns, appropriate expectations, comments and grades, and academic strategies. In addition to the group meetings, advisors meet one-on-one with their advisees to discuss social and academic issues specific to that student, and to establish and monitor goals that will enable each student to achieve her fullest potential. Every year, Middle School students receive a new advisor and are assigned to a new advisory group to foster new relationships, character development, and life skills.

Upper School

Our Student Advisory Program takes on special meaning in the Upper School when students are wrestling with momentous personal and academic decisions. Every student has an advisor who will nurture relationships within her small group for all four years. Advisories meet weekly for conversations and activities regarding academics and their four-year plan as well as school values such as leadership, honor, service, and inclusion.

My Advisory allowed me to have a consistent support system that I was able to depend on during my entire time in the Upper School. Leah Cohn '22