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Leadership Opportunities

Learning to lead begins during a student's first days at Kent Place, because it is our belief that the earlier girls are exposed to the idea of leadership, the more likely they are to take on leadership roles later in life.

At Kent Place, the strongest athlete, keenest mathematician, star performer, and class president are all girls. There's no fear in raising your hand, no nervousness at trying a new sport or club. There's only freedom — to explore, to try, to fall, to fly.


Percentage of girls' school grads who say they were offered greater leadership opportunities than peers at coed schools.

ICGS, Girls' School Advantage


Percentage of girls' school grads who have held leadership positions since graduating from high school.

ICGS, Girls' School Advantage

 Passionate. Community-Minded.
Collaborative. Self-Aware. Original.

Each year, students take part in myriad leadership opportunities, which allow them to better understand how to lead in their own way. Whenever there is an opportunity to support a student in a leadership role, the teacher will step back and support the student in that role — in class, in morning meetings, or as ambassadors for the school, both as student speakers and guides. 



I reshaped my idea of a leader and what leadership really is. I used to think that being a leader was just having a title and being confident, but it's really so much more. You have to have the courage to step up and have the humility to step down. You need the ability to turn ideas into reality. You have to be able to actively connect with your followers and inspire them. It's a collection of small things sewn into a huge quilt that you can pass on to someone once you don't need it anymore — to make them a leader.
Chelsea, Middle School


Holly Doyle

Holly Doyle

Director of GLI and Leadership/MS Latin