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Health & Wellness

Building Healthy Community Connections
and Personal Resilience at Every Age

Our Learn. Live. program follows students throughout their time at Kent Place, giving them the skills and the courage to advocate for themselves, strengthen the connection between mind and body, and appreciate the ways in which they're growing and changing. Students also take advantage of our robust physical education and athletics programs.

Learn. Live. Wonder.

Primary School

We know that social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth are interconnected; when you're strong in one area, you're prepared to be strong in the others. Our Learn. Live. Wonder. program leads students through a range of age-appropriate themes and activities that help them learn through inquiry, live a life of curiosity, and wonder and explore the world. 

  • Improve leadership skills
  • Begin to learn about ethics
  • Forge healthy connections with their classmates
  • Practice body positivity
  • Experiment with learning styles and strategies
  • Take part in initiatives linked to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Learn. Live. GROW.


Our Learn. Live. Grow. program continues in Middle School. Led by experts in child development, students explore the connection between healthy relationships and social development, examine their perception of gender and body image, and continue to develop a strong sense of self. Students learn to find their voice, live a life of creativity, and grow the heart-brain connection.

  • Group discussions, role plays, research, and technology projects
  • Themes of self-esteem
  • Conflict resolution
  • Drug awareness
  • Body positivity
  • Health decision-making
  • Puberty and human reproduction

Learn. Live. Lead.


Learn about yourself and others. Live a life of balance and joy. Lead others to do the same. These are the tenets of the Learn. Live. Lead. and Peer education programs in which all ninth-graders participate. Twelfth-grade Peer Educators are trained to facilitate discussions and mentor ninth-grade students during their transition to Upper School. 

  • Promoting healthy decision-making
  • Developing study skills
  • Responding to peer, family, and academic progress
  • Setting goals and enhancing self-awareness
  • Managing stress and promoting mental health
  • Learning leadership and ethics
  • Practicing holistic nutrition



The Kent Place Health and Wellness Team is a unified group of five integrated teams who are strategic, collaborative, cross-disciplinary, and wholly student-centered.


Michelle Stevenson

Michelle Stevenson

Director of Health and Wellness; Department Chair for Health and Wellness & Physical Education

We know that wellness is a condition necessary for successful learning and leadership — and we seek to cultivate and model it at KPS.