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Life at Kent Place

Inside vibrant classrooms, world-class laboratories, libraries, and class lounges, more than 650 brave and brilliant girls are asking big questions, conducting college-level research, planning global trips, and engaging in local service projects. And once the school day ends, they're swinging hockey sticks, rehearsing a full-scale musical, convening the Mock Trial club, or playing shadow tag on one of our four playgrounds.

This is Kent Place.

I'm thinking about all the ways you can explore — which helps you get to know yourself and what you actually like. Amina, Middle School

We See Your Brilliance.

From the first day of the school year, each class becomes a cohesive unit. Students support each other. The sense of community is strengthened through the many traditions throughout the year. In this atmosphere of acceptance and respect, students, teachers, and coaches forge bonds that endure long past graduation.

Advisory Program

The Advisory Program is the hallmark of a Kent Place School education.

Leadership Opportunities

Learning to lead begins during a student's first days at Kent Place 

Health & Wellness

Our Learn. Live. heath and wellness program begins as early as Preschool.

Global Learning

Kent Place offers a variety of cultural immersion and service learning experiences.

Clubs & Organizations

Students participate in a variety of organizations and clubs that foster their interests and leadership.


Our students make a difference through a variety of community service opportunities.


Long-held and deeply valued traditions keep our Kent Place community connected.

School Store

Get your Kent Place spirit on by grabbing some green and gold swag — and more!

Why All Girls?

At Kent Place, girls do not just have equal opportunity. They have every opportunity. In the classrooms, on the field, and on the stage, they are the ones playing the leading roles. Research shows that boys and girls learn differently. With a deep understanding of how girls learn and succeed, Kent Place provides the resources that allow each girl to reach her full potential.

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