STEM Activities

Realize the numerous STEM opportunities beyond the classroom.
At Kent Place School, students have numerous opportunities to discover and delve into STEM beyond the classroom. Participation in these events propels girls to try new things, showcase their knowledge, compete against other schools, collaborate with their peers and, in doing so, strengthen their leadership skills. Most of all, they have the freedom to explore and have fun with STEM.

National & Kent Place Events

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  • Engineers Week

    Every February, Kent Place students in Primary through Upper School take part in Engineering Week. This event translates into a year-round commitment to celebrate how engineers make a difference in our world, increase the public dialogue about the need for engineers, and provide opportunities for students to participate in hands-on activities.
  • Grade 5 Science Fair

    A highlight of the Grade 5 program is the opportunity for our girls to execute small-group projects. Students utilize the process of scientific design to carry out a short-term, quantitative investigation. The project culminates with the students showcasing their scientific leadership skills in presentations of their findings to parents, peers and Kent Place faculty at the annual Grade 5 Science Fair.
  • Hour of Code

    Hour of Code is a global movement during Computer Science Education Week, in December, designed to introduce students to computer science: to demystify code and encourage and foster interest in the field. Kent Place students and faculty across all three divisions take part. Students play games and other applications that require problem-solving skills, as well as an understanding of the concepts of computer programming. Students are challenged to log either their hours or lines of code: recognition goes to the top three coders!  
  • Middle School STEM Expo

    The Science Expo promotes scientific inquiry and research through a five-week in-school project and culminating fair. Students apply the scientific and engineering processes through grade-level themes, such as consumer product claims, sustainable cities, and student-directed explorations. By walking in the footsteps of scientists, our girls develop and practice a multitude of STEM skills. They then articulate their findings and present them to varied audiences.
  • Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society

    Mu Alpha Theta is both an honor society and an organization with a specific mission: to inspire keen interest in mathematics, develop strong scholarship in the subject, and promote the enjoyment of mathematics. Kent Place extends a membership invitation to Upper School students who meet academic requirements, which include an A- or above in previous mathematics courses. Members of the Kent Place chapter should be interested in and able to promote the mission through participation in activities throughout the year.
  • Science National Honor Society

    The mission of the Science National Honor Society is to encourage and recognize scientific and intellectual thought, to advance students’ knowledge of classical and modern science, to communicate with the scientific community, to aid the civic community with its comprehension of science, and to encourage students to participate in community service and in turn, encourage a dedication to the pursuit of scientific knowledge that benefits all of mankind.

STEM Teams & Competitions

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  • AMC 8, 10, and 12

    The AMC 8, 10, and 12 are national competitions, sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America, that pose questions designed to increase and develop students’ problem-solving skills. Those questions challenge students at all levels of difficulty.
  • Continental Mathematics League

    Students in Grades 4 and 5 participate in the Continental Mathematics League program throughout the year. The Continental Mathematics League tests provide students with experiences in solving complex, non-routine problems. Students not only gain experience with these types of problems but they also develop a toolbox of strategies.
  • Math League sponsors a number of elementary school contests to be held nationwide. Top-scoring students at qualifying meets throughout the year are then invited to compete at their states’ championship in late April or early May. Winners of the state championships attend the national championship, in June.
  • Math Madness

    Math Madness, sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America, is a live, team-based, online competition with both multiple-choice and open-entry questions. For five weeks, each Middle School team competes weekly against another school in a 30-minute match consisting of 10 questions. 
  • MathCounts

    MathCounts Club helps students prepare for participation in the annual MathCounts competition. In early winter, ten Middle School students, identified based on scores from a qualifying test, are selected to participate as a team.
  • Primary School Math Team

    Students in Grades 3-6 are eligible to tryout for the Math Team. Team members compete in regional competitions throughout New Jersey. Based on performance at regionals, students may be invited to the state competition and the national competition in Houston, Texas.
  • Robotics

    Kent Place School’s Robotics Team, the Robo-Dragons, is officially registered with FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC). This is a student-centered program designed to encourage young people to pursue careers in STEM subjects. Teams vie in head-to-head competitions at scrimmages, meets and qualifiers with a chance to advance to the FTC World Championship. Through FTC competitions, students apply engineering principles and experience real-world math and science to equip themselves with problem-solving skills that will bring benefits far into the future.
  • Uberbowl

    Uberbowl is a yearly online mathematics event held where students/teams play one against all simultaneously, one event for middle school students (Grades 6-8) and one event for high school students (Grades 9-12).

STEM Clubs & Enrichment

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  • After School Enrichment (PS)

    Our outstanding after-school enrichment programs, taught by Kent Place faculty, extend personal and intellectual development long beyond the closing bell. STEM offerings have included Mini-Pets, Global Minecraft Builders, Kitchen Chemistry, Global Storybook Engineers, LEGO Engineering, Global Video Game Designers and Global Scientists: Water in Our World.
  • Eco-Team (MS)

    Eco-Team members participate firsthand in the sustainability initiatives of the Kent Place community. Students deepen their awareness of current ecological issues and develop a sense of empowerment as they brainstorm and design ways to give back to the earth and promote conservation efforts.
  • Eco-Team (PS)

    Members of the Eco-Team, students in Grades 4 and 5, are dedicated to environmental issues. Participants are members of the Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots organization and are aware of local and global environmental groups and initiatives. They help care for the science room animals, fill the outdoor bird feeders and work on the school’s recycling commitment.
  • EconLife (US)

    EconLife is a partially student-run website with a worldwide audience that connects economics to everyday life.           
  • Engineering Club (US)

    The Engineering Club was founded and is run by students to explore what it means to be an engineer and to learn about the engineering process.
  • Environmental Club (US)

    The Environmental Club is a group of students interested in the environment and wildlife. They work throughout the year to bring awareness to environmental issues.
  • GEMS (US)

    Founded at Kent Place, GEMS (Girls Eliminating Math Stereotypes) meets frequently to combat the stereotype, both here at KPS and beyond, that “girls can’t do math.” Former members have presented at conferences.  
  • Girls Who Code (US)

    The Girls Who Code Club was founded and is run by students to explore various aspects of coding and contribute to ending the gender gap in technology.
  • Math Lab (PS)

    Math Lab is a series of elective small-group mathematics-enrichment courses for students in Grades 2–5. These opportunities enable students to explore math in different contexts and to be exposed to a variety of concepts to extend mathematical thinking. 
  • Quantum Journal Club (US)

    The Kent Place School science journal (The Kent Place Quantum) publishes all science-, engineering-, technology- and math-related articles and pictures by students, teachers and some guest writers.
  • Science Club (US)

    The Science Club uses investigation and experimentation to discover why the world works in the amazing ways it does. The goal is to explore all kinds of science topics while partaking in fun activities. 
  • STEM Club (MS)

    The purpose of this student-run club is to engage the student body in thinking about STEM. It organizes regular meetings to excite students about possibilities within the STEM fields.  
  • Technology Advisory Council (US)

    Tech Advisory gives students a voice in determining how KPS girls and young women optimize their use of technology. As a council, students and faculty steer the 1-to-1 laptop program and create guidelines that reinforce the Four Pillars. Members suggest and often test new products and remind students of various tech updates.

Solving Problems is a Journey; Enjoy the Ride!

In the Middle School we do a Science Expo — either two or four people work on a science project for a couple of months and then present it to the entire class. We go into some in-depth projects and it’s incredible what we learn along the way, and how willing our teachers are to help us through the tough parts. –Toni Ann, eighth grade
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