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Global Learning Trips 2019-2020

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  • France: Un Voyage Créatif

    Discover French landscapes and cityscapes through the lens of an artist’s journey from Paris to Brittany. As we experience the culture, history, and art from Neolithic times through the medieval to the present, we will ponder questions such as Why ancient peoples created the mysterious menhirs on the rocky coast of Brittany? How did history change a region with rich Celtic, Anglo, and French traditions? How can art help the city redefine themselves in places like Nantes, Saint-Malo, and Paris? France has always been a crossroads of cultural identities. How have the French people absorbed and been enriched by cultural influences of new peoples now and throughout history? We will experience the culinary life of France the way the French do through open-air markets, cafés, bakeries, and the many eateries that illustrate the rich gastronomic canvas of the 21st century. Our trip will take us from Paris to Brittany and cultural stops along the way, allowing for what Van Gogh called creative exploration “under brighter skies”  and the French expression se dépayser. We will sketch, paint, journal, write, and discuss the above questions as well as those generated by students reacting and reflecting upon their journey together.
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  • Historic and Contemporary Japan

    Students will be immersed in the culture of Japan, learn about relevant Japanese history and US-Japanese historical and modern-day relationships along with the art and architecture of this land.  Furthermore, given the fact that the next three Olympic Games will be in Asia, with Japan hosting the summer games in 2020, the importance of Japan and this region of the world is at the forefront. During this experience, we will visit various places, such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Mt. Fuji and Hiroshima.  Our two-week excursion will be enough time to visit well-known sites while having time to also visit gems more known to the local people.
  • Iceland: The Land of Fire and Ice

    Iceland presents a perfect example of rich tradition and global innovation working to complement each other. Known as the “land of fire and ice,” Iceland is a living laboratory, full of visible land forming processes and often-violent forces of nature. Due to this, beautiful and vast geographic formations have been created, including spurting geysers, glaciers, waterfalls, volcanoes, deserts, and mountains - and students who attend this trip will get to explore these landforms firsthand, as well as discover how Icelanders today are harnessing the power behind the processes to become a global leader in sustainable energy. And though the land itself is relatively young, the culture of the area is rich in art and a legacy of prose and poetry dating back to the 12th century. Students will hear stories of Vikings and hidden people, and meet Icelanders who are working to preserve this heritage today. Iceland is also known for its high degree of gender equality, with many women serving in leadership positions across the government and in business; a highlight of the trip will also be visiting a school (calendar permitting) and spending time with Icelandic children.
  • Northern Europe: The Riches of the Baltic Choral Tradition

    The Baltic countries resound with a phenomenal choral tradition. The lands of the "midnight sun" have historically been known for singing and choral music. This tour is an unbelievable experience for choral singers to immerse themselves in the style, culture, history, and context of so much of the music we know and love. This tour is built around exchange concerts as a unique form of interaction with locally renowned choral groups. We begin our trip in Helsinki, the most northerly of the world's urban areas. Through engaging sight-seeing tours we will explore the Presidential Palace, City Hall, Finlandia Hall, and the Opera House. Our first exchange concert will be in the Temppeliaukio Church (also known as the "Rock Church") and famous for being hewn out of rock. From there we travel to Estonia. Tallinn, is home to one of Europe's best-preserved medieval cities now a UNESCO World cultural heritage site. Estonian choral music has a unique following and so, a combined concert with a local choir is an ideal way to immerse further in it. When we are not singing in concert, we will visit Rocca al Mare, and explore Estonian village life in the 18th - 20th centuries.  Following an overnight Ferry, we land in Stockholm, known for its beautiful architecture, abundant clean water, and many parks. After touring the island of Djurgarden and the Vasa museum, we will enjoy our final exchange concert and dinner for interaction and immersion into the local music and culture before our return flight back to the USA.

Attending the service trip to Peru was one of the most memorable things of which I have been a part.

Interacting with the local students and staying with a host family was an experience that taught me how to adapt and grow in an unknown environment. This trip fostered my Spanish speaking abilities in ways that extend far beyond the classroom. Since returning, I have developed a deeper passion for community service and hope to return soon!" -Ellie Falivene '17

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