Economic and Financial Literacy


Students will become comfortable with, interested in, and excited about economics and finance so that they can function knowledgeably in their personal lives, professionally and as responsible citizens.

AREAS OF FOCUS: Entrepreneurship | Economics | Investing | Personal Finance

More than a series of courses and workshops, this program conveys a message to students, parents and the educational community that a well-educated student knows finance and economics. Indeed, for our young women and for all students to function knowledgeably at home, at work, and as citizens they need the tools that our program will develop and share.

From the third-grade Lemonade Sale project, to the sixth-grade TREP$ curriculum, to Money Matters (MS elective) to AP Economics and the blog, written by KPS students and alumnae, students move from exposure to immersion in economic and financial literacy skills. Students also participate in clubs such as, NextGenVest and the Investment Club.

To encourage meaningful and memorable learning, we create an environment in which financial and economic thinking naturally accompanies our classroom and extracurricular activities. Beyond the classroom, we can plant multiple seeds of financial education that will grow within our students’ and community’s lives. What we introduce will become a thread that is interwoven throughout a student’s growth at Kent Place and also across grade levels.

Building EnTREPreneur$ at KPS

A standard part of the sixth-grade curriculum, TREP$ is a student-run vendor fair; where they sell goods that they designed and created. In the series of TREP$ workshops, held during Genius Block, students participate in hands-on activities to learn the business basics of product development, finance, marketing research, advertising, merchandising and salesmanship. 
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