STEM Classes

Peek into the classroom and witness our girls in action.
In all three divisions, Kent Place girls experience science, technology, engineering and mathematics in their everyday classes. From engineering mazes for Bee-Bots in Kindergarten to designing experiments in AP Physics, all of our students are involved in hands-on, real-world STEM learning. Through their experiences, our students develop essential skills for the 21st century  the ability to question, collaborate, think critically, problem solve and communicate. Activities highlight the relevance of STEM in their daily lives and the importance of considering career choices within these fields.

A Sampling of STEM

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  • Science

    • Communication of the science of plant growth through language classes in the Global Botany Unit (Kindergarten) 
    • Use of archeological skills of excavation, screening, recording and researching artifacts through the interdisciplinary Archeology Unit (4th Grade) 
    • Design and building of amusement park rides with the application of Newton's laws (Science 8: Systems and Interactions)
    • Use of Vernier probeware to collect carbon dioxide and oxygen samples when studying cellular respiration (Biology, 9th Grade)
    • Visit to the Reeves-Reed Arboretum to conduct a quantitative evaluation of woody plant biodiversity in several test plots (AP Environmental Science) 
  • Technology

    • Programming of Dash and Dot (Kindergarten and Grade 1)
    • Coding story scenes using Scratch Jr. on the iPads (Grade 2)
    • Coding animations in Scratch and 3D-printing (Grade 3)
    • Coding video games in Scratch that are shared with first-graders (Grade 4)
    • Coding Little Bits to create inventions (Grade 5) 
    • Game creation in Blockly (Grade 8)
    • Coding and programming unit using Blockly for creating snowflake graphics and Python for creating a chatbot (9th-Grade Seminar) 
  • Engineering

    • Designing, testing and rebuilding mini-boats (1st Grade)
    • Design and construction of inventions that include simple machines (3rd Grade) 
    • Building and use of carnival rides to examine probability (Math 6: Operations and Variables)
    • Building of sustainable cities for Middle School Expo (Science 7: Energy) 
    • Engineering of instruments to measure the speed of sound (Physics, 11th and 12th Grades)
  • Mathematics

    • Mathematical modeling and cost calculations of a Lemonade Stand (3rd Grade)
    • Exploration of surface area and volume through the building of gingerbread houses (Math 6: Operations and Variables)
    • Determination of unit cost and densities of seven different sized Hershey Bars (Math 7: Abstractions and Understandings)
    • Analysis of water droplet size on different brand paper towels with scatter plots graphs and trends (Algebra, 7th Grade) 
    • Optimizing volume through engineering design and algebra (Advanced Algebra)  

Do the Hands-On Work

There's a real commitment to STEM work here. In Algebra 2, everyone has to do a disease project to see how logarithms affect epidemiology and how fast a disease spreads. In physics class, we didn't just learn about energy, we actually built a roller coaster. We learn how applications of what we're doing apply to everyday life, which makes the work that much richer. -Ivana, senior

Kent Place Students Participated in Space Program

Kent Place took part in the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP), a national education program that engaged hundreds of our students in real microgravity-experiment design. KPS secured a flight-certified mini-laboratory from the SSEP. The initiative immersed Kent Place students in scientific research and proposal writing. The formal calls for proposals mirrored how professional researchers secure limited assets and exposed the students to a crucial aspect of a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).
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