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The Ethics Institute Parent Events are offered as an opportunity for peer learning among parents through open conversation facilitated by Ethics Institute Director Dr. Karen Rezach and Program Coordinator Dr. Eva Lazar. These events are open to all KPS parents.


Childhood Sports Participation:
When Is It Too Much?

When: Tuesday, March 7, 8:30-9:30 a.m.
Where: Commons Room

Should children participate in competitive sports at a young age? How does participation in sports impact young athletes in the future? What are the potential benefits and risks children face when they start playing, and possibly specializing in, competitive sports from a very early age? What are some of the common injuries young athletes face?

This event is facilitated by Kent Place Upper School Student, Emma Tillyer '17.

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Why Attend?

Engaged and informed parents are an important component in supporting the ethical development of children. The partnership between home, school and the community at large is essential to our efforts. Parent Chats & Workshops are designed to provide all stakeholders with the ethical decision-making framework and language to further reinforce and promote these skills at home. Our hope is that our Parent Chats & Workshops empower parents and promote a spirit of collaboration.

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