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Students Recognized at 2024 Middle School Awards Ceremony

Students Recognized at 2024 Middle School Awards Ceremony

On Tuesday, May 28, Kent Place School held its annual awards ceremony in the Middle School. Listed below are all Middle School awards and recipients, selected by Middle School faculty and staff.

The Christine Clemens Leadership Award is made in recognition of Christine’s outstanding work in the area of girls’ leadership initiatives. The Christine Clemens Leadership Award is made to those students who most clearly demonstrate positive leadership in school and in the community. The Award recognizes in the recipients the traits of responsibility, reliability, and trustworthiness; it salutes the students for stepping forward enthusiastically to motivate their classmates to accomplish their goals and dreams.  

MONTGOMERY AWARD - Caden Joralemon ’28
The Montgomery Award is given annually to an effective school leader at the Middle School and at the Upper School level who personifies the spirit that Tad Montgomery, former Head of School, and his wife Anita Montgomery brought to Kent Place School. The award recognizes the recipient's “joyfulness, looking beyond one’s self, and accepting as part of life’s responsibility the care and love of other people.” 

INQUIRY AWARD - Chelsea Chen ’28 and Nicole Hoffman ’28
The Inquiry Award is presented to the student who most clearly demonstrates an attitude of inquiry and persistent learning. The Award recognizes in the recipient the traits of curiosity, positive risk-taking, academic excellence, perseverance, and a willingness to learn from their mistakes. 

ARTISTRY AWARD - Angie Ge ’28 and Claire Pierson ’28
This award honors the student whose dedication to the arts is both inspiring and unwavering. With a passion that goes beyond mere interest, this student is committed to excellence, consistently seeking to expand their knowledge and skills. Through their skillfulness and a profound appreciation for the arts, this student's enthusiasm is contagious, encouraging others to discover and nurture their own artistic talents. 

The Ethical Citizen Award is given to a student who not only embodies authenticity, respect, and inclusivity but also demonstrates a keen ability to navigate ethical dilemmas by taking into account multiple perspectives. In addition to fostering a sense of belonging, while engaging in civil discourse, the recipient of this award showcases a remarkable capacity to listen with an open heart and mind. This individual consistently aligns their actions with their values, serving as a model for ethical leadership and inspiring others to do the same.

The Jane Patterson Science Award is given to a Kent Place Eighth-Grade student who has maintained a high degree of interest and excellence in science throughout her years at Kent Place Middle School. This award was established in memory of Mrs. Jane Patterson, a beloved member of the science faculty at Kent Place School.  

The Middle School Athletic Cup is awarded each year by the athletic department and middle school coaching staff. It is awarded to the 8th-grade athlete who, during their six seasons of middle school sports participation, has significantly contributed to the success of the Kent Place athletic program. The recipient of this award has shown exceptional skill and effort on and off the field, passion for their sports, and is dedicated to improving their performance. She has demonstrated exemplary leadership and sportsmanship. She has shown respect for coaches, teammates, opponents, and officials and is committed to the success of Kent Place teams, taking the initiative to promote the sports that she plays. This individual has taken extraordinary steps to motivate their peers and to advance athletics within and beyond the Kent Place community.