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Primary School Students Are Celebrated as Young Authors

Primary School Students Are Celebrated as Young Authors

Kent Place’s young authors collaborated in a weeklong celebration to showcase their original writing and improve reading, interpersonal, and oral-presentation skills — all while building community. Students from Junior Pre-Kindergarten (JPK) through Grade Five paired up to read, listen, discuss their inspiration and how they went about the actual writing, and learn from each other during this annual event. 

The fifth-graders partnered with Kent Place’s youngest learners — students in JPK and Pre-Kindergarten — to read storybooks in French and Spanish. The older students practiced their oral reading skills in the target language; the younger students practiced their listening skills and applied what they’ve been learning in their world language classes.

“I really enjoyed reading with the younger students. I liked hearing their perspective and seeing how they may hear a story differently because of their age and the stage of learning they’re in,” says fifth-grader Cami Bloom. “I read a book about photos and all the things you can take pictures of, and it was fun when the students interacted with me as I was reading. I would show a photo of a nose, and a student would react, ‘I have a nose too!’”

Second-graders also partnered with fifth-graders but they were the ones to do the reading aloud. The fifth-grade students took on the role of mentor and provided animated reactions and encouragement to the younger writers. Similarly, fourth-graders partnered with Kindergartners, and first-grade students with third-graders. Students enjoying sharing their creations, and at the same time practiced lifelong skills, such as how to give and receive feedback.

The celebration not only enhanced the young learners’ reading comprehension, listening, and language skills, but also forged meaningful bonds across grade levels.