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Kent Place Upper School Presents Chicago - High School Edition

Kent Place’s Performing Arts Department is pleased to present the Upper School musical, Chicago - High School Edition, live in the Hyde and Watson Theater on Friday, November 11 and Saturday, November 12, at 7:30 p.m. The musical is open to the entire Kent Place community and the general public. You may purchase tickets here

Chicago is a vaudeville-style musical set in the 1920’s that focuses on the influential power of media within the justice system, the fleeting thrill of criminal celebrity, and women who long for something other than a quiet life at home. The musical, created and directed by Bob Fosse, John Kander, and Fred Ebb, is an iconic American musical and a staple of Broadway culture.  

“I’m beyond excited to share Chicago - High School Edition with the Kent Place community. The cast and crew have worked incredibly hard to put this show together, and I couldn’t be more proud of the dedication everyone involved has shown,” says Lillian Gabriel ’23, who plays Roxie. “Between the large ensemble, the intricate Fosse choreography, and difficult songs, it’s safe to say that this is not an easy show, but the level of talent and work ethic we have in this cast wouldn’t lead you to that conclusion. This is a really special show and an even more special team, and I think everyone watching will be shocked by the level we were able to reach with this production. Make sure to get tickets for November 11 and 12—you won’t want to miss it!”

The talented cast consists of Kai Markley ’24, Catherine Gerbino ’24, Lillian Gabriel ’23, Charlotte Grushkin ’25, Mia Ramos ’26, Zoe Espiritu ’25, Andrea Hanchuk ’24, Cecilia Hirawat ’26, Lilly Fanelle ’23, Alice Carr ’24, Cari Corrales ’24, Hannah Kelley ’26, Colette Gentile ’25, Lorelei Gustafson-Johnson ’26, Emma McQuade ’26, Isabella Deng ’25, Evelyne Mendelsohn ’26, Jacquelyn Reig ’26, Brooke Tufankjian ’24, Cooper Grogran ’26, Jia Kim ’25, Mia Naggar ’25, Mariana Pirez-Ramirez ’26, Isha Talpade ’25, Anabella Mendieta-Frost ’26, Brooke Dambrot ’26, and Julia Wu ’24.

Behind the scenes are the hard-working crew of Arabella Hubbauer ’23, Vanessa Lee ’24, Carolina Ikuno ’24, Grayson Young ’24, Chelsea Cui ’25, Sylvia Andrews ’24, Geo Thatch ’25, Tara Khurana ’26, Julianna Abrantes ’26, Elijah Hall ’25, Elina Kapur ’23, Deysi Rodriguez ’25, and Anjali Jerath ’24.

The show is directed by Keri Lesnik, with musical direction by Neil Ginsberg and choreography by Amanda Hudson.

See you at the show!