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Kent Place Students Experience the Marvel of the Solar Eclipse

Kent Place Students Experience the Marvel of the Solar Eclipse

On Monday, April 8, everyone on the Kent Place campus eagerly awaited a rare astronomical event. A solar eclipse was projected to reach 90 percent totality in the New Jersey area between 2:10 and 4:40 p.m., and the school embraced this opportunity to blend education with wonder.

Educational Exploration: Leading up to the eclipse, students embarked on a journey of discovery through various activities. Teachers integrated lessons about solar eclipses into the curriculum, delving into the science behind these celestial occurrences.

Informative Assembly and Outdoor Observations: The afternoon activities began with an informative and celebratory assembly for Middle and Upper School students. They then ventured outdoors, equipped with certified solar-viewing glasses, to witness the eclipse’s progression. Middle School athletics paused for the occasion, so those students, too, could immerse themselves in the experience. A special thank you to Science Chair Luis Largo, who secured eclipse viewing glasses for all KPS employees and students. Mr. Largo spent the day chasing the eclipse in New York and reported back to campus.

Primary School Engagement: Primary School students felt the excitement. Science teacher Becky Van Ry, an NSTA/SSI Solar Eclipse Partner, took the lead, providing real-time reporting as she followed the eclipse to totality. With activities tailored to each grade, Mrs. Van Ry sparked curiosity, ensuring that even the youngest learners could appreciate the marvels of the universe.

A Community Celebration: When the eclipse reached its height, at 3:24 p.m., the Kent Place campus was abuzz. Students, teachers, and staff came together to witness this awe-inspiring event. Extra support was provided during campus pick-up, and additional eclipse-viewing glasses were available for parents so they could join in the spectacle.

As the day drew to a close, Assistant Head of School for Teaching and Learning Julie Gentile expressed gratitude to the Kent Place community for their enthusiasm and partnership in turning the solar eclipse into a memorable and enriching experience for all.