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Kent Place Middle School Presents Matilda Jr.

Kent Place Middle School Presents Matilda Jr.

Seventh and eighth-grade theater students have been hard at work this trimester, and they are thrilled to present their musical, Matilda Jr., based on the award-winning book by Roald Dahl. The production will be presented in the Hyde and Watson Theater at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, June 2, and at 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 3. You may purchase tickets here

Matilda Jr. tells the story of an amazing young girl with extraordinary powers. A beloved book-turned-musical, Kent Place’s production of Matilda Jr. is sure to delight audiences young and old, and showcase the talented group that is Kent Place’s Middle School theater students.

Sarah Mattle ’28, who is playing the role of Matilda, says, “It has been incredible to watch the show come together and to see all of the growth in our cast and crew from the first rehearsal to now! I am super excited to see all of the hard work from the cast, crew, and teachers come to life in an amazing show. We hope you come and see!”

The 48-member cast and crew of Matilda Jr. includes Amirah Ali ’27, Ciara Anderson ’28, Gabby Beckham ’27, Ayah Bedri ’28, Karina Bhatia ’28, Anika Bhavaraju ’28, Bella Borde ’28, Addie Brugg ’28, Sydney Chen ’28, Chloe Cranmer ’27, Avery Delaney ’27, Giulianna Dipietro ’28, Amelia Dobric ’28, Emily Foerster ’27, Laila Gandhi ’27, Angie Ge ’28, Caroline Gilbert ’27, Gracen Hill ’27, Nicole Hoffman ’28, Caden Joralemon ’28, Destiny Keith ’28, Emmie Kimball ’27, Mira Lalani ’27, Annabelle Lesnik ’27, Elise Li ’28, Kendi Littletree ’27, Dior Lukanski ’28, Sarah Mattle ’28, Skylar McClean ’28, Nia McDaniel ’27, Lainey Meenan ’27, Lillian Mon ’28, Hayden Mulligan ’27, Lexa Naumovich ’28, Tarika Nirula ’27, Priya Patel ’27, Claire Pierson ’28, Chloe Poole ’27, Gaby Robakidze ’28, Ellora Roberts ’28, Sarina Sheth ’27, Gita Shirhattikar ’28, Caroline Slattery ’28, Mame Somuah ’27, Eva Tezel ’27, Elizabeth Thekkanath ’28, Margaux Walter ’27, and Jocelyn Wang ’27.

The show is directed by Keri Lesnik, Middle and Upper School theater teacher, with choreography by Amanda Hudson, Middle and Upper School dance teacher, and musical direction by Neil Ginsberg, Middle School choral teacher. 

“We are all so excited to bring one of our favorite childhood stories to life on the stage,” Ms. Lesnik says. “It is wonderful that so many members of the seventh and eighth-grade classes are participating in the show as part of the cast and crew.”

The show is in the final stages of preparation, and just like Matilda, our students are ready to put on an extraordinary performance.