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Kent Place Lunch: Healthful, Delicious Food Enjoyed Together

Kent Place is changing the game when it comes to feeding its students. This summer, we welcomed our new dining service partner, Meriwether Godsey (MG), to provide delicious food in our refreshed dining space. The goal: to make each lunch healthful, communal, and geared toward providing girls with the fuel and nutrition they need to thrive in the classroom.

MG, a woman-led company, is known for serving seasonal ingredients, sourcing local produce, and prioritizing from-scratch cooking. MG is a proponent of sustainability — that is, reducing food waste through batch cooking, mindful preparation, buying local, composting, and recycling.

“When entering the dining hall, there’s a sense of community, such as the rush for more desserts and loud chatter,” said Seema Parmar ’23.

The dining space has been refreshed with multiple serving locations to minimize lines and maximize the time students can spend chatting and eating during the lunch break. “To-go” boxes, offered throughout the pandemic, are quickly becoming a thing of the past as students, faculty, and staff enjoy their meals together in the dining hall, at picnic tables, or on blankets outside.

Regular staples on the menu are a self-serve salad bar, a deli counter with made-to-order sandwiches, and daily soup specials, as well as a featured meal-of-the-day with vegetarian- and vegan-friendly options. All meals are served buffet-style, and tasty desserts round out the menu.  

“I love that the buffet-style dining program grants students the autonomy to choose the portions of their meals,” Seema says, “and I’ve heard many positive reviews of the M&M cookies and the farfalle pasta.”

Buon appetito!