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Kent Place Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated in the United States each year from September 15 through October 15, and there’ll be no shortage of activities at Kent Place to mark the achievements of Hispanic Americans.

Students, staff, faculty, and the community partake of the rich cultural history, from personal anecdotes to family traditions and favorite meals and from music and dance to integrating the Hispanic culture into lesson plans.

At Morning Meeting, Primary School students learn about the Hispanic heritage and about the Latinx members of our community. Primary School Spanish teachers Ana Casas and Dora Gragg gave a special presentation about their experiences and what Hispanic heritage means to them. 

Middle School students have been eager to tell stories about the ways their families uphold their traditions and how they experience the culture through food and the arts as well. One student talked about her favorite meal: homemade mojo, black beans, white rice, and plantain chips, all prepared by her Cuban father. 

Upper School students are creating a beautiful bulletin board filled with photographs and portraits of important Hispanic and Latino/a/x individuals who have influenced what they’re learning in STEM, history, literature classes, the arts, politics, and sports. 

KPS staff and faculty are excited to take in the celebrations as well. They’ve brought in home-cooked traditional dishes, such as empanadas, flautas, rice and beans, and rice pudding. Joseph “Joey” Saldoriga, who works in the KPS Admission office, just happens to be a professional ballroom dancer, and has been teaching students to salsa.

On September 28, Kent Place’s Diversity and Equity Parent Group hosted its fifth-annual Latinx Night, inviting all of our families to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Latin food and entertainment. It was an evening of full plates, animated conversation, and lively music — and everyone brought dancing shoes!