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ICYMI: Your Guide to the Winter/Spring 2024 Issue of Kent Place Magazine

ICYMI: Your Guide to the Winter/Spring 2024 Issue of Kent Place Magazine

By now, you’ve received the winter/spring 2024 issue of Kent Place magazine, which is filled with stories that provide a window into our classrooms, a chance for our community to meet our brave and brilliant students, an opportunity to celebrate our remarkable alumnae, a means to explore what makes Kent Place, Kent Place, and so much more. 

Haven’t had a chance to dive in just yet? Don’t fret! We’ve put together a guide to help you navigate this issue. No matter how much time you have, you’re sure to be amazed.

If you’ve got 15 minutes . . . 
Read one (or all!) of our three feature stories. On page 26, discover how we welcome students using the start of ninth grade as an example in The Kent Place Start-Up Guide. On page 32, meet 2016 alumna Alyssa Hwang, who studies human connection through AI in Wider Perspectives. And on page 36, get to know why Elaine Schwartz — who has dedicated more than 50 years to Kent Place — says “Economics Empowers People,” as she talks about her latest book on the subject and her teaching career. 

If you’ve got 10 minutes . . . 
Flip through the pages of the Commons Room! From pages 4 to 25, learn about our amazing students and everything they’ve been up to in and out of the classroom. Read about the Centennial STAR and the magic it brought to more than 1,000 audience members and more via livestream, or take a closer look at how we unleash creativity and confidence in the Writing Center. Learn eight ways KPS is Nurturing — and Advancing — Mental Wellness, or read five Commendations from the Visiting Team Decennial Report. Learn how our Portfolio class paints the Vulnerability of an Egg or how data science and coding enthusiast Sajni Shah ’24 approaches her independent study in Five Steps. You can also cheer on Dragon Athletics and applaud the marvels of the Performing Arts.

If you’ve got 5 minutes . . .
Keep up with all the brave and brilliant things Kent Place alumnae are up to. On page 43, learn how Fulbright recipient Olivia Zeiner-Morrish ’18 is Advancing the World. On page 44, spend A Day in the Life of Collegiate Athlete Christiana Nwachuku ’22. Udele Tagoe ’94, In Her Words, talks about her life as a board-certified OB/GYN in the United States and Ghana on page 46. Are you a Kent Place alumna? Find out what your classmates are up to in the Class Notes, starting on page 47.

If you’ve got 1 minute . . .
Get in touch with us! Did you read a particularly inspiring or meaningful story? We’d love to hear what resonated with you. Send us an email at Want to keep up with daily student life at Kent Place? Follow us on Instagram: Kent Place School, Kent Place Athletics, and Kent Place Arts.