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Get to Know Green Key, Kent Place’s Student Ambassador Program

Get to Know Green Key, Kent Place’s Student Ambassador Program

What better way to get to know a school than through the eyes, minds, and hearts of its students? That’s exactly what Green Key offers at Kent Place. Green Key is a hallmark of the KPS experience for new and prospective families, and all who visit our campus.

Green Key is a group of Upper School students who apply and are selected to represent Kent Place for a year. They work closely with the Admission Team and in many ways Green Key members are an extension of the office, supporting it as tour guides, ambassadors, greeters, and panelists. Green Key is also often called upon to welcome and direct guests during school events, such as parent gatherings, Alumnae Visiting Day, and Alumnae Weekend, wearing their signature Green Key T-shirts and green lanyards. This year, Green Key has 116 participants, led by three extraordinary presidents, seniors Rhyan Brown, Mary Kate O’Connor, and Shivani Shah. 

Taking families and other visitors around campus is an important responsibility for a Green Key ambassador. Over the summer, students go through training to learn the ins and outs of giving an unforgettable school tour. 

“I always try to help connect my group’s passions to the opportunities provided at Kent Place. I start every tour by getting to know the group and specialize the route we take to focus on their interests,” says Shivani. “My favorite spots to show are the student lounges. Whether the girls are playing an intense game of cards, having a freestyle rap battle, or doing rapid-fire trivia to prepare for a quiz, my peers always, without fail, wave and greet a new family walking by. It’s a perfect place for visitors to see the family-like, collaborative community of Kent Place.”

A unique tour is offered by our Lifers — that is, students who have been at KPS since Preschool, Kindergarten, or first grade. They start with the Primary School, to provide a “full-school” experience for families looking at the younger grades. The perspective from a student who has grown in all three divisions has proved invaluable to families considering Kent Place.

Green Key also works closely with the Communications Office to take over the school’s Instagram account, displaying what really happens as a Kent Place student. This is a top priority for the presidents this year.

“My goal is to enable prospective families to get to know our community through showcasing student life in a new and exciting way,” says Shivani. “As the head of Green Key’s Social Media Subcommittee, in addition to student takeovers, I’m working on a video series called ‘The Student Side,’ which will be vlog-style montages featuring our students and giving an inside look at aspects of Kent Place that are characteristic of our close-knit community.”

Kent Place has another ambassador program, in which fifth-grade students assist with Primary School events, as well as the Key Club in the Middle School, to support Middle School events. It’s no surprise that many of these students go on to become Green Key ambassadors.

When you’re on campus, keep an eye out for a Green Key student, and maybe even ask a question! She’s sure to leave you impressed, and eager to learn more.