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DEPG's Jewish Cultural Night a Success

DEPG's Jewish Cultural Night a Success

On Wednesday, May 8, more than 200 community members came together for the Diversity and Equity Parent Association’s Jewish Cultural Night. They were greeted in the Great Room, whose walls were decorated with posters highlighting notable Jewish women.

The evening kicked off with a unique experience: Many attendees participated in a challah dough braiding session, led by Jewish educator Erika Green. This hands-on activity not only showcased the rich tradition of challah but also provided an opportunity for individuals to connect and learn from each other.

One of the highlights of the event was the cultural food tasting, during which guests had the chance to savor an array of dishes that are integral to Jewish cuisine. From traditional favorites to modern interpretations, those who donated food had a wonderful time explaining why a dish is meaningful to them.

In addition to indulging in delicious food, attendees took part in activities aimed at giving back to the community. For example, participants crafted Tzedakah boxes, which symbolize the importance of charity and giving in Jewish culture.

True to tikkun olam — the concept of repairing the world — the event included service projects meant to make a tangible difference in the lives of others. In that spirit, attendees assembled 180 sandwiches for Livingston Neighbors Helping Neighbors; the organization will donate them to food pantries in Newark. In addition, a collection drive for maxi pads was organized on behalf of the Period.Project in support of the GRACE Food pantry, addressing an essential but often overlooked need in the community.

“It’s not always easy to be different, but events like this make being different pretty awesome,” says Jaime Levine P ’28, chair of the event. “Participants learned something new, helped others, tasted new foods, and got messy braiding challah dough. It was a perfect evening! I’m so thankful to our incredible school community for their support, enthusiasm, and spirit!”

Throughout the evening, the atmosphere was one of camaraderie and joy, with music provided by a DJ adding to the festive ambience. From animated conversations to shared moments of laughter and reflection, Jewish Cultural Night was a lively celebration of Kent Place’s diverse community.

A special thank-you goes to the planning committee — Jaime Levine P ’28 (chair), Ashley Avigdor P ’29, Stephanie Brinker P ’27, Alana Dambrot P ’24 ’26, Jenna Forman P ’34, Jessica Glatt P ’28, Jeanne Gordon P ’25, Trish Grushkin P ’23 ’25, Stacy Krieger P ’28, Natalie Reichman P ’30, Jill Wehler P ’29 ’31, Rachel Naggar P ’25, and teacher Lisa Cohen — as well as to the all of the student, faculty, and staff volunteers.