Kent Place Wins International Marketing Award

Kent Place School won five 2021 InspirED School Marketers Brilliance Awards — four for its Kent Place magazine and one for its Report of Gifts — in the only international competition that recognizes excellence in private and independent school marketing and communications. The Brilliance Awards are sponsored by InspirED School Marketers, a website that provides “brilliant ideas and brain food” for private school administrators around the globe.
The entries were judged by a volunteer panel of 68 marketing experts from around the world who are professionals in private schools or businesses that specialize in school marketing. The entries were scored on creativity, persuasiveness, design, copy, photography, and overall appeal.
Kent Place won the following (5) awards:
  • Gold Award for Printed Magazine
  • Silver for Annual Report/Report of Gifts/Donor Report
  • Silver for Magazine Feature Article Design (“What I Learned During the Pandemic”)
  • Bronze for Magazine Cover Design                                                   
  • Bronze for Magazine Feature Article Writing (“The Project That Changes Everything,” writer Erin Peterson) 
Kent Place magazine was redesigned to ensure that it would be of interest to everyone in our community, with compelling stories about KPS — both on campus and off,” said Rachel Naggar P ’25, Director of Communications and editor of Kent Place. “This recognition, in all four magazine categories, is incredibly meaningful because so much heart and effort go into producing it. I’m grateful for our partnership with the team at 2Communiqué, who provide the creative direction and design, as well as our amazing writers, photographers, illustrators, copy editor, and everyone else who brings the magazine to life.”
This is the second year in a row that Kent Place won a Brilliance Award for its Report of Gifts, which is edited by Director of Advancement Coral Butler Brooks and Aimee Singer ’88 P ’25, Advancement Communications Manager. Art direction and design is provided by Proof Design Studios.

“I have a deep commitment to ensuring our donors understand they are impacting students’ lives every day,” commented Coral Butler Brooks, Director of Advancement. “This kind of recognition affirms that we are successfully bringing that impact to life in this publication.” 
Gold Award for Printed Magazine
Judges’ comments: The breadth and depth of the stories were amazing. I am not only in awe of all that the school does but also the way the magazine editors were able to capture so much. Kent Place School has successfully produced a publication that simultaneously highlights campus news while elevating the voices of the community through impeccable storytelling — congratulations! Beautifully executed magazine. This school knows who they are and can clearly and authentically speak to the mission and where they are headed.
Silver for Annual Report/Report of Gifts/Donor Report
Judges’ comments: Gorgeous photography and powerful intergenerational storytelling. Brilliant colors and bold repetition of the new mission statement create a sense of momentum in this piece, an invitation that says, "this is something you want to be a part of". Impressive. Love the concept of putting their updated mission statement on the cover and then in several places throughout the publication. Design and photography were top-notch, and the stories illustrate why people should support Kent Place.
Silver for Magazine Feature Article Design (“What I Learned During the Pandemic”)
Judges’ comments: This one really stands out because of the breadth of people and experiences involved in the piece. So many different lenses into the effects of COVID — students, faculty, parents, alumni, etc. I kept getting drawn back to this piece because the photos made it very personable. The layout makes it flow from story to story.
The photography humanizes the personal stories about the effects of COVID for each demographic group — parents, alumni, faculty, and students. The combination of a large image and text complemented by smaller curios sprinkled throughout the text draw the reader in, eager to experience the story of the page hero.
An outstanding feature article design that captures the priorities and values of a difficult topic which are cleverly, however, simply presented in order to stand out. Fantastic use of full-page imagery which is also of high quality in terms of sharpness. Key comments are highlighted throughout the article and quotes are effectively extracted and sit in bold above the sections. This topic would not have been easy to cover, but the school has executed it exceptionally well.
Bronze for Magazine Cover Design                                                    
Judges’ comments: Sometimes less is more, and this cover demonstrates that perfectly. A simple design with beautiful artwork that really pops out makes this cover look sophisticated. A gorgeous tribute to this student! A simple but powerful front cover.
Bronze for Magazine Feature Article Writing (“The Project That Changes Everything”)
Judges’ comments: This piece takes a very familiar construct — describing a classroom lesson or project — and skillfully contextualizes that narrative in the larger story of the school's strategic plan. The great layout and visuals really drive the story, and I am particularly impressed with the clever COVID-19 workarounds: the team used whimsical illustrations and photos of the projects themselves, not traditional photos of students, who were likely masked and/or remote at the time of production.
I love the layout and the snippets of story! The small consumable bites of information make it easy to read and as a parent I could insert my child into the various situations. I could see my kid at their school doing the fun stuff.
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Kent Place School is an all-girls K through 12 independent college preparatory day school with a coeducational Preschool, located in Summit, NJ.