Kent Place Middle School Presents Finder and the North Star

The Kent Place Middle School is proud to present Finder and the North Star, a new play by Erica Berman, to limited audiences on May 19 and 20. 

Young Finder makes a wish upon a star. North Star appears and says that in order for the wish to come true, Finder must fight a monster named Smidge. Torn between fear of the monster and the desire for the important wish to come true, Finder follows North Star on a journey. The Middle School students will be the first cast to bring Finder and the North Star to life.

The Middle School production features the following Kent Place sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-graders: Auggie Burroughs, Zoe Evans, Evelyn Grissinger, Cooper Grogan, Charlotte Grushkin, Lorelei Gustafson-Johnson, Supriya Kamilla, Maya Lalani, Emma McQuade, Mia Naggar, Jacquelyn Reig, Reina Smith, Amina Swarns, Isha Talpade, Abby Weldon, and Justine Wu.

The stage-management team comprises students Melat Hall, Nicola Murungi, Grace Thatch, and Sofia Wanosky. The scenic artist is Sophia Gandhi. 

Middle School theater teacher Keri Lesnik is the director and science teacher Wendy Hall is leading a Behind the Scenes class with students to serve as set builders and crew members.

Kent Place offers visual arts, dance, theater, and music instruction in all grades. Whether students sing or dance, play an instrument, act or direct, or paint, draw, and sculpt, they learn to see themselves — and their world — from a new perspective. For more information about the arts at Kent Place, please visit our Arts Department page. 
Kent Place School is an all-girls K through 12 independent college preparatory day school with a coeducational Preschool, located in Summit, NJ.