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Dragons of the Week for April 15, 2019

April 15, 2019

Amanda DiTommaso
Our Dragon of the Week is Amanda DiTommaso, who played a key defensive role in our first two games which ended in ties against two of our toughest opponents of the season, Montclair Kimberly and Peck. In addition to playing smart, reliable defense throughout both games, Amanda had a dramatic, momentum-changing moment when she forced a turnover in our defensive end during the waning minutes of our first game against Montclair Kimberly that ultimately led to the tying goal. Her bravery and hustle kept us close in both games. In addition, as one of our three captains, Amanda has shown the coaches and her teammates that she is a natural leader who has the empathy, patience and organizational skills to lead us to a successful season.

Cassie Miller and Abby Wall
Middle School Softball Dragons of the Week are Cassie Miller and Abby Wall. In our first game of the season on Monday, Cassie pitched the whole game and she was on fire! She threw the heat in every pitch striking out several batters. Way to go Cassie! Abby did an awesome job playing third base and is always focused. She also did an outstanding job base running during practice this week. Way to go Abby!  

Spring Track
Katie Tan, Lindsay Hausman and Caroline McGinley
Katie is on time each day and is driven to be her best self. She ask questions and is diligent in her practice and it shows in her performance. During practice you can see Katie leading by example in the warm up phase. During the tech practice she is focused and is finding her steps and her take off spot in the long jump. Katie has found her voice as a leader and captain and can be seen on the side of the track cheering on her teammates if she isn't in that event. She is helpful in the set up and clean up of the equipment before and after practices and meets. Lindsay is a returning TrackStar that is passionate about the sport of track and field. Her enthusiasm carries over to her teammates as she pushes through drills and workouts with great confidence. As a leader she has used her voice to share a motivational quote at the first meet, she doubled in the 1600 and 800 on a very warm day, always pushing herself to go faster and farther, and earned two personal bests in Shot put, two in the 1600 and one in the 800 this week. Lindsay is very focused in practice, working to get all she can out of every practice. Caroline is a new to track and field this season and is a natural as a rising TrackStar. She is hungry to learn all she can about the events, and it shows in her results. She ran hurdles at our first meet and is tied for the fastest time so far, plus she earned personal bests in the 100 sprint and long jump, and is a member of our #1 relay team. Caroline is quickly picking up on the field throwing events, as she focuses on improving her technique. Katie, Lindsay and Caroline are inspirations to their teammates! Congratulations TrackStars!

April 15, 2019

V Golf
Bella Abbate
Bella has been a solid performer in our matches so far this season. She never misses a practice and has steadily improved with quiet efficiency. She will be an asset to the team for the next two years. Congratulations Bella!

V Lacrosse
Arden Meyer
This week’s Dragon of the Week for Varsity Lacrosse is Arden Meyer. Arden has stepped into a critical role in our defense with her quick feet and tireless endurance. She plays solid 1 vs 1 defense and communicates effectively with her teammates. Arden is a versatile player that has gained trust and respect from her teammates. Congratulations Arden!

JV Lacrosse
Lizzie Herr
Tri-Captain Lizzie Herr has earned Dragon of the Week distinction for JV Lacrosse. As an attacker, she helps run the offense and create scoring opportunities for the team. Lizzie has solid stick skills and can pass the ball with precision. She cuts hard through the eight to find a pass and drives to goal when possible. So far, Lizzie has been rewarded with two goals for her hard work.  Lizzie also re-defends well once a shot has been taken and there is a change of possession. Congratulations, Lizzie!

V Softball
Ariel Lashinsky
Being a pitcher requires mental toughness, Ariel Lashinsky has that quality and more. This past week, no one has touched the softball more than Ariel. She delivered the ball with speed, movement and intensity to her catchers and was the most active on defense with numerous line drives that she has handled with ease. This is just a preview of this season, Ariel will be the key to this year’s success! Strike 3!

JV Softball
Nia Williams
Throughout the preseason, Nia Williams has shown tremendous dedication to the softball program.  Nia is willing to take the time to learn the fundamentals of the game. Despite being new to the sport, it is evident that Nia has a natural ability to lead.  I am excited to see what the rest of the season has in store! Congratulations!

V Spring Track
Lauren Rusas
This week's Dragon of the Week is Lauren Rusas. Lauren is an all-around track and field athlete, which has been so much fun for her coaches to watch. At this past weekend's meet, she helped her team run successfully in the 4x100 relay, jumped 4 foot 8 in the high jump after very little practice, and finished her 400 meter hurdle race in 78 seconds! At our dual meet in Hillside, she threw shot for the first time competitively and managed 27.5! Congrats Lauren on being a great team player and being so willing to try something new!
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