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Dragons of the Week for April 8, 2019

April 8, 2019

Kay Krag and Ella Murti
Our MS Lacrosse Dragons of the Week are awarded to Kay Krag and Ella Murti! As one of our newer players, Kay has impressed the coaches with her hustle and dedication, and for her willingness to make the small adjustments in her stick stick skill technique that yield huge improvements. She’s also one of the fastest players on the team, so we’re looking forward to watching her unleash that speed once the games start. Meanwhile, Ella has stepped up to play in the goal for us. Thanks to top-notch coaching by teammate and friend, Lily Kaplan, Ella has already shown us that she is going to be a force to be reckoned with in goal — and that she does it with a smile and a quiet confidence that is inspiring to her teammates.

Nora Clow and Ava Guarino
Middle School Softball's Dragons of the Week are Nora Clow and Ava Guarino. Nora and Ava both come to practice ready to work hard and have already demonstrated their strong skills in fielding and batting. They have also volunteered to serve as the MS team's catchers -- a tough job, but they have risen to the challenge! Way to go, Nora and Ava!

Spring Track
Sofia Keri, Malin Phelan and Annabelle Walters
MS Track and Field would like to congratulate Sofia Keri, Malin Phelan and Annabelle Walters for being our first Dragons of the Week this season. Sofia Keri is a returning TrackStar and her enthusiasm for the sport has grown over the year. She is always one of the first to practice, participates fully from the warm up to sprint work, and helps keep her teammates engaged. Sofia is so passionate about track and her team that she decided to run for captain, and we are proud to congratulate her as one of our captains for this season! Malin Phelan is a returning TrackStar who brings her A-game daily.  Her enthusiasm and positive energy from day one has helped to inspire her teammates to give their best effort and to push through the tough workouts. Malin is supportive of each and every member of the team, and shares her knowledge of the sport so that her new teammates can find success. Annabelle Walter arrives each day ready to give 110%. She is excited to learn all of the events in Track and Field and wants to excel. During long jump practices she is focused and has great speed to help her lift off of the take-off board. She is attentive and works hard to implement each of the corrections and helpful hints she is given. Annabelle put her hat in the ring to become one of the co-captains of the track team. Her teammates see her as a positive role model and as a leader. Congratulations Annabelle, Malin and Sofia ~ keep up the good work!
April 8, 2019

V Lacrosse
Anna Peterson
Anna is a stand out member of the Varsity lacrosse team and has a remarkable work ethic. She has courage to ask necessary questions, pushes her teammates to do better in conditioning drills, and is determined to improve her stick skills. Congratulations  Anna!

JV Lacrosse
Ashley Mikosh
JV Lacrosse recognizes Ashley Mikosh as the Dragon of the Week. She puts forth 100 percent effort in each practice, from the warm- up shuttles to the conditioning drills. Ashley brings a positive energy to her teammates and offers constructive feedback during huddles. An integral part of the offense, she takes many of the draws, helps transition the ball in the midfield, and has scored several goals so far this season. Congratulations, Ashley!

V Softball
Gabby Alpert
Senior captain Gabby Alpert has started off her final season at Kent Place strong! As the Varsity softball team’s starting short stop, her defensive skills, range and athletic ability is and has been vital to the team’s success. Gabby leads by example and her positive character on and off the field is respected and valued by her teammates and coaching staff. She has a .444 batting average in 18 plate appearances and her sliding defensive stops are a joy to watch!

V Spring Track
Courtney Peterson and Xenia Schmitz
This week's dragons of the week are Courtney Peterson and Xenia Schmitz. At this week's dual meet in Linden, Courtney fell over a hurdle but immediately got up with a look of determination and kept running. She fell again shortly thereafter and was in quite a bit of pain, but once she got up, she had everyone else laughing with a series of "upsides" about having torn a ligament in her elbow. Courtney you are truly one of a kind! Xenia braved the freezing cold to run a great 800 meter race, and finished, only to find herself having a severe reaction to the intense weather conditions. Though it was challenging, she recovered and also shared a great perspective after the experience. Both of these girls are commendable for their shining spirit and positive attitudes! Congratulations!
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