The Bioethics Project

About the Bioethics Project

The Bioethics Project is a three-semester class. Students delve into the research subtopic of their choice.

The Bioethics Project incorporates:
  • Class/club time during which students work on their individual research
  • Mentoring by Georgetown University staff
  • Lessons focusing on specific research and writing skills, presentation skills, preparing the website and planning the community symposium
  • A daylong project meeting where students present and discuss their research
  • Creation of a website to publish research and convening of a community symposium around a research topic
The High School Bioethics Symposium
The Bioethics Project culminates in the High School Bioethics Symposium. Students present their work and findings at this capstone event.
2018-2019 Bioethics Symposium TOPIC:
Environment and Health: The Ethics of People and Planet
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The Ethics Institute at Kent Place School is a first-of-its-kind institute at the primary and secondary school level. We believe that promoting the process and practice of ethical thinking and decision-making prepares people of all ages to be effective leaders and compassionate citizens.