EIKPS Governance


Dr. Karen Rezach, Director of The Ethics Institute
Ms. Elyse Post, Program Assistant


Dr. Jennifer Galambos, Head of School
Carrie Callahan, Parent Liaison
Maura Crowe, Faculty Representative
Linda Flanagan, At Large
Lisa Goldman, At Large
Michael Heningburg, At Large
Sophie Huttner, Student Representative
William Leong, At Large
Stacy O'Connor, Parent Liaison
Elyse Post, Program Assistant
Nancy Reynolds, Parent Liaison
Karen Rezach, Ph.D., Director
Jan-Patrick Schmitz, At Large


Brooke Baker
Michelle Clarke
Maura Crowe
Jim Flakker
Jennifer Greene
Alicia Grysko
Erin Hennessy
Shona Inggs
Cheryl Kaplun
Tina Ledwith
Marie Micchelli
Aubrey Porterfield
Mark Semioli
Vicky Tong
Lise Woodring

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The Ethics Institute at Kent Place School is a first-of-its-kind Institute at the primary and secondary school levels. We believe promoting the process and practice of ethical thinking and ethical decision-making in the youngest of children prepares them to be the most effective leaders and compassionate citizens of tomorrow.