Bioethics Project and Ethics Elective Classes Visit the Museum of Jewish Heritage

Prior to the visit, students had read about dystopian societies and discussed ethical themes of ethical innovation and social responsibility. During this trip, students heard from Holocaust survivor, Bronia Brandman, who shared about her childhood in Poland and her experiences in Auschwitz, including her encounter with the infamous Dr. Josef Mengele. 

Students then went on a docent-led tour of the exhibit of
“Auschwitz: Not Long Ago. Not Far Away” which “brings together more than 700 original objects and 400 photographs from over 20 institutions and museums around the world.”

One student, Audre, shared how listening to Bronia’s story “was heartbreaking and put my whole life into perspective.” Another student, Paulina, had a similar experience: “hearing from a survivor made the story much more real.” 

During the museum tour, students learned how pseudo-science was used to determine a person's race. In class, students will be reflecting on how pseudo-science is currently being used today to support innovation and justify policies. The students were visibly moved by the exhibits, which included items that embodied small acts of resistance — a rag doll fashioned from a precious piece of blanket, or a religious article for forbidden prayer. Several students commented on the power and importance of resisting inhumanity and injustice.
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