EI Social Media Task Force Kickoff Meeting

Virtual - Zoom
The PA and the Ethics Institute have given the KPS Community a lot to think about related to social media and technology.  Over the last week we heard Max Stossel talk about his personal journey with social media.  He also shared what he's learned about the impact that social media is having on all of us, especially our youth.  Max's presentation was followed by thought provoking conversations for students, parents and faculty. We examined how we are being used by apps and programs, and the impact that our overuse is having on our lives and mental health. The thing that is clear is that this must be an on-going conversation, not a once-and-done conversation.  We have a lot to learn, and to do to ensure that we have a healthy relationship with our technology.  It is in this spirit that we invite parents, who are interested in getting involved to join our Ethics Institute Social Media Task Force.  The objective is for this group to discuss and research healthy practices related to social media and technology that we can share with our entire community.  
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