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Kent Place basketball is fun, challenging, and competitive. Our players consider commitment to their team their top priority.

They’re hardworking, dedicated scholar-athletes who absolutely love the sport. The program’s emphasis is on individual skills and personal improvement as well as the importance of team and teamwork. We have Middle School, junior varsity, and varsity teams.

The Dragons play a full interscholastic schedule in the Union County League and with various public and private schools from around the state., and compete in the NJSIAA league. These scholar-athletes consistently demonstrate excellence both on and off the court.

We look forward to welcoming you into our program.

Varsity: Michael Sudberg (head), TBD (assistant)
Junior Varsity: Melissa Semidey (head), Danny O'Sullivan (assistant)
Middle School: Richard Benn (co-head), Antonette Nivar-Rowe (co-head), Jeremia Ferreira (assistant)

Go Dragons!

Participation in athletics is an integral part of the overall school experience for our students, and our athletic teams are a source of pride for the Kent Place community. Our philosophy is to provide a competitive athletic program where our student-athletes can reach their full potential.

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