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Physical Education Exemption Policy

Physical Education is a required course for all Kent Place students. Students in Grades 7–12 in the Middle and Upper School are eligible to apply for Physical Education Exemption on a trimester or yearly basis.

Physical education consists of two components: physical activity and physical literacy education. Students receiving exemption are exempt from the physical activity requirements. The physical literacy component of the requirement will be fulfilled by attending the Project Adventure and Coherence Development classes scheduled at the beginning of each trimester and runs for two weeks.

Automatic Exemptions
In the Upper School, students who compete on a school athletic team or participate in the KPS dance program fulfill the physical activity requirement for the trimester in which their sport or dance program is in session.


Physical Education exemption is offered to students in grades 7–12. In order to fulfill the physical education requirement, Middle School exemption students are required to attend fitness testing and group game days each trimester. Upper School exemption students are expected to attend all required Learn.Live. health and wellness seminars each trimester. Middle School exemption students will be required to attend Project Adventure and group game days, as well as all fitness assessment days during the MS Sports period as scheduled. 

  • Fall - Orientation and the First Day of Athletics (September 4); MS Fall Athletic Awards (November 4)
  • Winter - Group Connection Activity and Testing Days (November 5-6); First Day of Winter Athletics (November 11); MS Winter Athletic Awards (February 24)
  • Spring - Spring Group Connection Activity and Testing Days, except the mile (February 25 & 26); MS Fitness Test Days, mile assessment (May 20); MS Spring Athletic Awards (May 19)
  • End of Year - Group Game Days (May 21 & 23)


Frequently Asked Questions


Application Due Dates
Fall: September 9, 2024
Winter: November 11, 2024
Spring: March 3, 2025

Notification Dates
Fall: September 13, 2024
Winter: December 2, 2024
Spring: March 12, 2025

Report Due Dates
Fall: November 11, 2024
Winter: March 5, 2025
Spring: May 14, 2025


Additional questions regarding the Exemption Policy and the online submission process should be directed to Michelle Stevenson, Department Chair, Physical Education, Student Health and Wellness, at, or (908) 273-0900, ext. 236.

Physical Education Exemption Review Committee

  • Vicky Browne, Director of Athletics
  • Julie Gentile, Assistant Head of School for Teaching & Learning
  • Evelyn Hanna, Interim Director of the Upper School
  • Neisha Payne, Director of the Middle School
  • Michelle Stevenson, Chair, Physical Education, Student Health & Wellness
  • Edel Thomas, Director of Performing Arts