The theater program at KPS changed my life.

I never thought I had what it takes to be on a stage, to pour myself into a character, to be in the spotlight for more than a few minutes. But I discovered a passion in myself that I didn’t know existed. The experience I had in theater opened my eyes to the fulfillment and excitement that comes from live performance. I was challenged, I learned, I grew, I made amazing friends and I had fun doing it. -Asha Fradkin '14

KPS On Stage

For students, the value of creative expression through theater is undeniable — but the unique approach that distinguishes our program is our clear focus on finding and nurturing individual voice. Over the past 30 years, we've welcomed the development of countless new scripts, original performances, cabaret presentations, and exceptional student initiatives.

Primary School Experiences

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  • Grade-Level Theater Classes

    Beginning in second grade, theater workshops invite students to explore various ways of telling and sharing stories. Students are introduced to dramatic exercises including improvisations, dialogue exercises, stage movement, miming, and puppetry. 
  • Musical Theater Workshop

    Fourth-grade theater students have an opportunity to participate in a staged musical theater workshop production. Ensemble in nature, the collaborative piece introduces students to theater terminology, character development, and acting technique.
  • The Shakespeare Unit

    The Shakespeare Unit offers fifth-grade students a more advanced opportunity to participate in the rehearsal process and performance of a play. Students work with a scripted adaptation of a Shakespearean comedy and work together to unravel the challenges presented in the language, plot twists, and characters.

Middle School Experiences

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  • 6th-Grade Theater

    The trimester-long workshop introduces students to beginning acting techniques and creative theater skills through stage movement, the voice of the actor, pantomime, and improvisation.
  • Acting Workshop

    Available for 7th and 8th graders, students work together to develop theater skills by analyzing and rehearsing scenes from full-length plays as they explore character development, objective, conflict, and resolution. Improvisation, scene study, acting techniques, and theater games are all a part of the Acting Workshop.
  • Middle School Production

    Every year, the Middle School produces a play or musical that culminates in fully staged performances for family and friends. All students who are interested are encouraged to audition. Regular rehearsals offer preparation time for students, in addition to exploration in character development, memorization, prop and costume building, and scenic design.

Upper School Experiences

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  • Acting Workshop

    This workshop introduces students to basic acting techniques and skills including Linklater voice work, improvisation, text and character analysis, and defining objectives and actions through deliberate decision making. The class culminates in group acting projects with in-class performances for a small audience.
  • Acting Seminar

    The Acting Seminar is designed for 10th- and 11th-grade actors to refine their ability to "respond truthfully under imaginary circumstances." Students acquire tangible acting skills that deepen the actor's connection to the play, allowing them to build believable and sustainable characters in a scene or play. Performances opportunities are offered throughout the year. 
  • Performance Company

    Offered to 11th and 12th graders in consultation with the Performing Arts Chair, students admitted to Performance Company will work as an ensemble grounded in empathy, community, and social justice. Students will have the opportunity to perform in published plays and work as a team to develop new and original work that is performed throughout the school year. As an acting and writing team, students contribute ideas and accept and incorporate the ideas of others in preparing for a devised or scripted work.
  • Upper School Production

    Each year, the Upper School produces two fully-staged productions. Interested students are encouraged to apply. Previous productions include Radium Girls, One Acts, Les Miserables, and As You Like It.
We focus on performance and a commitment to the original voice.
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