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dancers on stage

At Kent Place, we encourage dancers to develop an awareness of the body as an instrument for personal expression.

We provide opportunities for dancers to understand and appreciate the components of performance — idea, creation, rehearsal, and performance — in a supportive and collaborative environment. 

Our program develops the skills and artistry of students who are exploring an opportunity to dance and those who already identify as passionate dancers.

Our dynamic faculty work with students to:

  • Expand movement vocabulary
  • Build and develop good technique
  • Learn choreographic devices
  • Strengthen collaborative skills
  • Enhance performance artistry

An Evening of Dance

There are a lot of opportunities to dance: the Middle School group, Dance Ensemble, senior choreography projects. But joining the Chamber Dancers as a ninth-grader meant a lot to me. I was able to connect with seniors right away. And it gave me different kinds of dance experiences than I'd ever had before. Helen, Upper School



dancers performing on stage

Primary School

Students participate in creative movement classes as early as Pre-K and follow a sequential course of study throughout primary school.  For passionate dancers, Tap and Dance Ensemble enrichments delight!


masked dancers in class

Middle School

Our Middle School Dancemakers are introduced to more formal techniques that allow them to explore their creative expression through choreography. Their staged performances are celebrated each trimester.


two ballet dancers in the studio

Upper School

Students can audition for one of our performance groups: Dance Ensemble (Intermediate) or Chamber Dancers (Advanced).  They can also elect to take a studio-based academic course or a Fundamentals of Technique dance class.