My time at Kent Place, specifically with the Dance Department, was critical to the development of my own voice.

The culminating Senior Project, in which students are given the opportunity to choreograph a piece for An Evening of Dance, was one I'd been looking forward to since my freshman year. The idea of having full artistic freedom for the first time was, although exciting, quite daunting not because it would be challenging to choreograph an entire group of dancers, but because I would have to look within and ask myself tough questions to discover what it is I wanted to say and how I wanted to express it. -Tiana Woods '16

Primary School Experiences

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  • Grade Level Dance Classes

    Dance is a core piece of the Primary School curriculum. Beginning in Junior PreK, dance and creative movement teach students about spatial awareness, body control, and dance techniques such as composition, improvisation, canons, and musical phrasing.
  • Tap Ensemble

    The Tap Ensemble is a special offering during recess, open to all interested second graders. The girls are introduced to tap and work on their skills during class. They perform a dance as part of “An Afternoon of Dance.”
  • Dance Ensemble

    The Primary School Dance Ensembles meet once a week during recess and are open to all interested students in Grades 3-5. They present the group dances they learn in “An Afternoon of Dance.”
  • An Afternoon of Dance

    “An Afternoon of Dance” is an annual event in the Primary School and features two Dance Ensembles, the Tap Ensemble, and all second and fifth-grade students.

Middle School Experiences

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  • 6th-Grade Dance

    This one-trimester workshop explores the principles of modern dance technique and choreography, and the students acquire an awareness of the body as an instrument for personal expression. Students learn about improvisation, movement exploration, and basic dance composition.
  • Dance Group

    This dance experience is designed for students who want to strengthen their ballet and modern dance technique as well as explore their creative voice via choreography. Students create dance studies in duets or small groups to a variety of music selections.
  • Dance Makers

    This select Middle School dance group elective is comprised of intermediate to advanced level dance students through audition. After working in the studio for two trimesters, the 7th- and 8th-grade dancers present their choreography in “An Evening of Dance.”

Upper School Experiences

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  • Chamber Dancers

    Chamber Dancers is Kent Place School’s premiere dance performance group. Students study ballet, modern dance, Pilates, improvisation, movement exploration and compositional forms to prepare for choreography projects and performance. They dance in repertory and senior works and perform for a variety of audiences throughout the year. Open to advanced-level students through audition, it grants academic credit.
  • Dance Ensemble

    The Dance Ensemble is a skill and performance-oriented course designed to develop technique in modern dance, ballet and Pilates. Students study improvisation, movement exploration and dance composition, and perform in the first and third trimesters. Open to all intermediate-level dance students through audition for academic credit.
  • Fall for Dance Field Trip

    Students in Chamber Dancers and Dance Ensemble have been attending the “Fall for Dance Festival” at New York City Center since its inception in 2004. By senior year, students have seen at least 16 diverse dance companies.
  • Senior Project

    After three years of dancing in repertory pieces and works by seniors and of choreographing dance studies, seniors in Chamber Dancers and Dance Ensemble, with permission of the department, have the opportunity to choreograph, costume and light a piece for “An Evening of Dance.”

An Evening of Dance

Each spring, the Dance Department presents “An Evening of Dance,” featuring the school’s Chamber Dancers, Dance Ensemble and the Middle School Dance Makers. The program is comprised of repertory and student works. Live music and visual art are often incorporated into the program. 2020 marks the 35th anniversary of “An Evening of Dance.”

Techniques Taught

  • Cunningham Modern
  • Limon Modern
  • Cecchetti Ballet
  • Simonson Jazz
  • Tap
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