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A Group of Upper School dancers.

At Kent Place, we encourage dancers to develop an awareness of the body as an instrument for personal expression.

Our diverse program has course offerings for students of all levels, abilities and experiences. Each student is supported in reaching her full potential through the processes of both learning and performing. 

Dance courses include components of classical dance techniques, with additional emphasis on yoga, Pilates, dance history, and performance to provide young dancers with a strong platform from which they may expand. 

Our dynamic faculty work with students to:

  • Establish and refine technical skill
  • Learn and implement the fundamental components of dance composition and choreography
  • Strengthen collaborative skills
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of dance performance including: dance criticism, movement invention, the choreographic process, rehearsal and performance

An Evening of Dance

The dance program at KPS has been integral in my artistic education. From Tap Ensemble in second grade to learning Horton Fortifications as an Upper Schooler, I’ve been able to study many techniques and movement styles in a comfortable yet challenging environment. Now, as a senior, I’m being exposed to a completely new style of dance: choreography. The Senior Project is an opportunity for each senior dancer to choreograph and set a piece with their classmates. I’ve been looking forward to this since Primary School; its the capstone of my KPS dance experience. I’m taking all that I’ve learned here and transforming it into something I can give back to the community. AVA, Upper School



A group of Primary School students dancing.

Primary School

Students participate in creative movement classes as early as Pre-K and follow a sequential course of study throughout primary school.  For passionate dancers, Tap and Dance Ensemble enrichments delight!


A group of Middle School students dancing in a class.

Middle School

Our Middle School Dancemakers are introduced to more formal techniques that allow them to explore their creative expression through choreography. Their staged performances are celebrated each trimester.


Two Upper School students dancing on the stage.

Upper School

Students can audition for one of our performance groups: Dance Ensemble (Intermediate) or Chamber Dancers (Advanced).  They can also elect to take a studio-based academic course or a Fundamentals of Technique dance class.